Sunday, 6 January 2019

Weekend in Paris

Paris is always a good idea and we have visited the "City of Lights" many times in the past, both for our work in fashion and culture as well as for pleasure. This time we had a great reason to return since our friend, the actress and supermodel Marisa Berenson, had invited us to the closing night of her theater hit show "Berlin Kabarett". We were so excited to kick off the year in style in Paris, to see Marisa's play and to hit the restaurants and meet up with some Paris based friends. So we said good-bye to Swedish winter, packed our bags and were off to France.

Bonjour Paris!

This time we stayed at the very chic and very pet-friendly five-star art déco hotel Juliana with a brilliant location in the 7th arrondissement only a few steps from favorite shopping street Avenue Montaigne and with many brilliant restaurants in the area.

Cool art déco interiors at Juliana

We really appreciate the truly pet-friendly hotels and Cicero sure loved our suite.

We enjoyed long walks through Paris with the occasional stops for coffee or wine. We visited the Yves Saint Laurent Museum that opened at the same time as the YSL Museum in Marrakech last autumn (more about that HERE). There were some amazing dresses on display as well as possible to visit the iconic original studio and showroom of Yves.

The original studio of Yves Saint Laurent

Beautiful YSL dresses on display

Walking the streets of Paris

Classic sights

Beautiful days in Paris

Cicero enjoyed all the long walks and the warmer weather

That perfect cafe au lait 

Paris nights 

Bonsoir Paris

And then it was finally time for us to see the Paris hit show Berlin Kabarett on Theatre de Poche, a play that has been written for our friend Marisa Berenson by brilliant Stephan Druet. We were so excited! The play was MARVELLOUS and Marisa is such an impressive actress that can also really sing and dance. It was an intimate and amazing experience.

Berlin Kabarett

Amazing performance by our friend Marisa. World class! 

Marisa and the other actors after closing night. Due to the great reviews and interest the show will continue in March and April at Theatre de Poche, so don’t miss this iconic performance if you are in Paris!

Paris is all about food, friends, wine and fun. We made sure to re-visit some of our old favorites and also discovered some new restaurants. The area of our hotel is filled with genuine little bistros and Guide Michelin star restaurants so we were never hungry. One day we had lunch with our dear friends Didier and Alice We always have a great time with this jet-setting couple and they took us to their local favorite restaurant Petit Cler, it was divine. We will soon see them again in Marrakech.

Alice and Didier, first time we meet up outside Marrakech

Bisous dear friends

One evening we had dinner at the Guide Michelin restaurant Fountaine de Mars, where also the Obamas dine when they are in Paris. A great bistro with amazing food.

A lunch at Ralph’s, the restaurant of Ralph Lauren, is a must when we are in Paris

The courtyard of Ralph’s is perfect for a drink

We also returned to Hotel Costes for dinner. This was the "it hotel" in Paris back when Per was working in fashion. It is still cool with a nice ambiance. The food is great but service has gone downhill a bit since our last visit.

Post dinner evening walks through Paris.

We actually managed to get some work done as well since we have two Red City PR clients based in Paris. Two planning meetings and one board meeting were managed between walks, food and culture. After a truly great time in Paris it is time to head back to Italy for a while. We will be working from our Italian office in January and look forward to catch up with clients and friends in Arpino and Rome.

Au revoir Paris, C'était merveilleux!


Sunday, 23 December 2018

The Dalarö House

The days before Christmas we received the keys to our new house on Dalarö in the Stockholm archipelago, located a convenient 30 min drive from Stockholm city. This amazing little house will be our new Swedish base.

We moved into our new house and got it operational just in time for Christmas

Even though the house is new to us it’s certainly not a new house. It was built in 1809 and is actually one of the oldest houses on Dalarö. Our house used to be the main building of a big agricultural property on Dalarö and has seen centuries and families pass by, just imagine the stories this house could tell! Our house is featured in several books, paintings and historical documentations.

Here our house is featured in a painting from the late 19th century. In 1927 the canal was build in front of our house (where the road is in this painting)

After buying and moving into houses all over the world we are pretty good when it comes to re-locating logistics and after only three days our house was operational, decorated and we could enjoy a Swedish Christmas for the first time in 13 years or so.

On December 20 the moving company and several furniture orders arrived and in the evening of the 23rd we were enjoying a cosy fire by the Christmas tree.

The kitchen is quite spacious and was renovated a few years ago by the previous owners in a country style true to the original character of the house.

The dining room is only missing some paintings on the walls.

A cosy veranda with views over the ocean.

The living room

The study

The Swedish home office

Our master bedroom

A reading corner and ocean view from the master bedroom

One of the guest rooms

The jetty a few steps from the house where we will go for morning swims. We are also co-owners of a stunning beach where we and our neighbours have additional jetties and a marina.

Dalarö is such an amazing little town with scenic walks, beautiful nature, stunning wooden villas and a very lively little community. There are 4-5 restaurants, several cafes and charming little shops. We will love it here.

The beach walk on Dalarö

Ocean front location

Small shops on the main street

One of the restaurants

The local grocery store is located in this charming building

The little castle Smådalarö Gård features an excellent restaurant where we enjoyed a seafood Christmas dinner

This is the beach that we are co-owners of together with our neighbours, just imagine it in summer time!

Our jetty

Cicero seems to like the long walks here but he misses the warm weather in Italy and Morocco,

Nordic light and Dalarö sunsets

This view!

And this is what Dalarö looks like in summer time (the stunning beach is co-owned by us and our neighbours)

We are very happy with our new little house and the charming Dalarö community!

It has sure been exotic to be back in Sweden for Christmas and experience the snow and stunning landscapes but it is cold and dark (part of the reasons why we re-located to Morocco/Italy). We will celebrate new year here but then it’s time to head back to Italy and Morocco for some Red City PR projects. Sweden is best experienced in summer time!

Snowy winter greetings from Sweden!

Wishing all of you a festive New Year and lots of love and magic in 2019!