Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A change is gonna come...


Welcome to our blog, A Year in Marrakech, and our very first blog post! It is end October and we face autumn and a cold winter to come here in Sweden. But this blog will not be about Sweden or its unkind Nordic climate. It will be about the warmth, sun, colors, smells and noises of exotic Marrakech in magical Morocco. 

 Fall view from a Berber tent in the Atlas Mountains

From mid January we will live in the ancient medina of Marrakech and we will keep you posted on our adventures on this blog that will act as a travel journal for us during, what will hopefully be, a very exciting and different chapter in our lives. Before we leave we will share with you some basic information about us, the authors (Per&Patrick), facts about Marrakech, how and why we ended up there as well as what is going on in our lives before we leave.

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Fall in Stockholm, Sweden

The greek word Peripeteia is explained as the reversal of circumstances or the turning point from where there is no return. The English word for this is Peripety.

We passed our turning point, peripety, some time ago when we decided to leave Stockholm and move to Marrakech. A longing for something new, something fresh, something different pushed us over and one day we told our bosses we were leaving our jobs (at least for now), bought flight tickets one way to Morocco and rented out our house in Stockholm. We are once again ready to embark on an adventure and start a new chapter in our lives.

You know that feeling when you know for sure that summer is over and that the seasons are changing, the leaves turning orange (at least in Europe), the air is crisp and you can feel the promise of something new, a fresh start for fall - that feeling of anticipation is now upon us. But this fall for other reasons than just the trees shifting colors. This time we are leaving the routines, the budget processes, fashion weeks, premiers and the responsibilities behind and taking on a completely new continent, Africa and Morocco.

You know the feeling...

Fall in Marrakech is of course something completely different. September, October and November are warm and sunny, 20-30C. The palm trees are green and the snowy Atlas mountains are visible in the crisp and clear air, the heat of the summer has left the city and you can enjoy both lunch and dinner outside.

Fall in Marrakech, Morocco

An unusually hot Swedish summer turned into a warm fall where it was possible to swim in the ocean and dine outside all September even in Scandinavia. October came and the shift in season is here again. The drop in temperature is inevitable. The days are getting shorter, soon it will be dark outside most of the waking hours. The decision has been made. We are leaving.

Winter, snow and cold will soon come and here we are, two Swedes and a Dachshund, heading off to Morocco to settle down in the ancient Marrakech medina for the next year or so. Most practical details are hopefully taken care of. We have some final things to wrap up in our jobs before we leave. Christmas will be spent with our friends surfing and hanging out in their beautiful house, Beach Side Villa, on Lanzarote. January 17 we take off and the new adventure begins.

Living in Morocco? - We can´t see why not!

Here we are, writers of this blog and ex-pats to be: Per & Patrick

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Here we go!