Sunday, 2 November 2014

2 Swedes in Morocco

Who are we?
Two Swedes deciding to move to Morocco and be a part of daily life in the buzzing, crazy and fantastic Marrakech medina. Both pushing 40 and having had - in our opinions - very interesting and fun careers we started to feel a longing for something else. Breaking free from daily routines and trying something new. The idea probably started already when we bought our house, a small "Riad", in Marrakech two years ago. A home away from home, where the sun always shines, the people are friendly and you can live a really good life at a reasonable cost.

We met some 13 years ago and have been married for 10. Until now our base have been Stockholm, where we live with our dog (a crazy dachshund named Disco) in a townhouse that used to be the horse stables of the prime minister back in the 19th century.

We also hang out in our summer house on the island Runmarö in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. We spend a lot of time traveling the globe and our favorite spots include Galapagos, Rome, New York, Kenya, Cuba, Peru and of course Morocco.

 This is us, Patrick & Per

Patrick has worked as Sales & Marketing Manager in the film industry (Sandrew Metronome), heading a business unit for a leading publishing house (Norstedts) and his latest position is as Head of Communication at the the Royal Dramatic Theater, responsible for brand, sales, marketing and PR. 

Patrick in 5 words: Tall, Calm, Analytical, Fun, Daredevil
Best about Marrakech according to Patrick: The French food and great restaurants

Per is taking a break from his position as Managing Director for Fiskars Sweden (design group with a wide range of brands including Iittala, Rörstrand, Hackman, Fiskars, Royal Copenhagen, Gerber, Buster Boats). He has previously worked in the fashion industry as Global Marketing Director for H&M and Country Manager for Gant.

Per in 5 words: Talkative, Positive, Energetic, Fun, Impatient
Best about Marrakech according to Per: the relaxed lifestyle that contrasts our ordinary life

 Our dog Disco on the jetty of our summer house

During our upcoming year in Morocco Patrick will study French, Per will also study and continue with his board assignments: Cairman of Lindex and Identity Works as well as board member of  Stockmann and Akademibokhandeln. We will both get involved in charity and the local art scene. Most of all we hope to shift focus and relax. Disco will join us and keep busy chasing cats on the roof terrace.

The adventure starts mid January when we leave Stockholm and move to Marrakech.

 Our home in Stockholm City, located in a green courtyard and used to be a stable. 
Now being rented out to a nice Marketing Director of Klarna

Our little summer house on the island Runmarö

Our more exotic new neighborhood

Stay Tuned!


Per, Patrick & Disco

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  1. That is awesome. More people should take a break from the rat race and actually live. My hat is off to you and best of luck in your adventures!