Sunday, 23 November 2014

We are Alarmed!

One of the projects during this weekend was to have a security system installed in the Riad.

Marrakech is a very safe city. Safer than most European cities for sure and the people of Morocco are very honest. Nevertheless we wanted to have a security system installed so that we can keep track of the Riad also when we are not in town (easy access via ipad or smartphone). Furthermore we wished to improve fire safety and make sure housekeeper Rachida feels safe when she is alone in the house. Rachida is in the house every day, which is probably the best security system in existence. Now the house will be equally safe when she is leaving for the night. 

 The design of the Riads are very open and all rooms open up towards the courtyard 
- now all these areas are covered by motion monitors and detectors.

We chose the newest system from Visonic and bought everything from Protexus in Sweden. Protexus prepared the system according to our wishes. We checked in all components when flying down to Marrakech and once there our "handyman" Fariji had everything installed in a couple of hours. Protexus then activated and adjusted everything and provided great support via remote. It was very easy and professional.

The brain of the system

Easy to use remote controls for managing the system and panic alarms etc.

Sirens with flashlight outside, to drive potential thiefs as well as neighbors insane

Smoke detector, motion detector and siren - all in one

The Riad is now secure

Per, in the alley outside the Riad,
Our entrance is the door with the green little roof at the end of the street.

It feels good to have this extra security in the house and it enables us to monitor whats going on also regarding fire, water, heat etc. 

Protexus was very professional and we had the best possible support of their customer service. The Visonic is the best available security system in the market, used globally by both private persons and corporate businesses. Check them out if you want to own your own system (instead of renting as with Securitas etc).

Be Safe,

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