Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2015 - What a ride!

2015 is coming to an end and what a year it has been! We started by moving down to Morocco and made our riad in the ancient Marrakech medina our permanent home. We explored Morocco from South to North. We made new friends and enjoyed visits from our old friends. We launched our communications firm Red City PR and started working with Project Soar where we empower Moroccan girls. We also became involved with TEDxMarrakesh and will be the hosts for the next event in September 2016. We studied both Arabic and French. Patrick continued to work a bit for the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Sweden and Per continued his board assignments for Lindex, Stockmann, Akademibokhandeln and Identity Works. And we went to parties, so many fun and fabolous parties. 2015 - what an amazing ride!


We made the maze of the Marrakech medina our new home

Our beautiful and beloved courtyard house, Riad Arabe, became our permanent base

Rachida is our amazing housekeeper and also a great cook. She takes very good care of the riad, Disco and us.

Disco enjoyed the sun and warmth of Morocco, and to hang out with his pet turtoises Vincent and Valerie

We spent a lot of time with the girls of Project Soar and working to empower more girls in Morocco in this charity project, where we are also on the board of directors

Serving food and drinks to the homeless of Marrakech during Ramadan, here with our friends Samira and Ana as well as the team behind this great initiative

We managed to focus on our training and worked out almost every second day with our great PT Youssef at the amazing Dior Institut & Palace Spa of Es Saadi

With a gym like this you don't really have any excuses not to work out (or to hang by the pool)

We started Red City PR with our new pals and business partners Maryam and Chris

We went to so many fun parties, nice dinners, great events and brilliant cocktails. Here we are on the red carpet of the Marrakech Film Featival in December.

Many of our friends came to visit, here with Annelie and Stefan in the medina

We attended a Moroccan "wedding" that might have been a babtism


2015 was the year we really got to know the beauty and diverse landscape of Morocco. We visited amazing cities like Fes, Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca, Chefchauen and Tangier. We enjoyed ocean waves in Mirleft, El Jadida and Essaouira. We loved the snow in Ifrane and Oukaimeden and the sand dunes of the Sahara. We trekked in the Atlas mountains and went to rural kasbahs and small countryside villages. We also travelled to Scotland, Lanzarote, England and Scandinavia.

Exploring the desert dunes of the Sahara

Trekking in the Atlas mountains with friends Kristina and Niklas

Hanging out in El Jadida on the Atlantic coast

Enjoying the sloaps and snow of Oukaimeden

Morning yoga and meditation with Maryam on our terrace in Mirleft, where we spent a week in a ocean front villa.

Having indigo moments in Chefchauen, the blue city of Morocco

Checking out Morocco from above

We surfed a week away in Annelie and Stefans beautiful Beachside Villa at Lanzarote

Spending a sunny August week in Essaouira

Laughing a week away in Scotland with Annelie and Stefan in July, where we stayed at the super cool hotel the Witchery and enjoyed some amazing fine dining dinners (and lunches).

So, as the year 2015 comes to an end we look back on a very exciting year. A year where we broke free from routines and moved to Africa. A year filled with positive energy, new experiences and the pure luxury of having time. We have learned a lot and now our life in Morocco is about to enter a new phase. Next year we will continue to travel and explore but also spend more time with our new business Red City PR.  Our goals for next year is to continue to be brave and to embrace all the experiences that come our way.  And to have fun, lots of fun.

2015 in 5 words:
New Beginings

We are greatful for an amazing 2015 and embrace 2016 with joy and love. Picture of our new friend Vanessa, the Bazaar Bohemian, in a shot from Peacock Pavilions (aka our second home) that captures the very essance of 2015.

2015 - you have been great. 2016 - let's go!

We are spending New Year's with friends in snowy Sweden but soon we will be back in our beloved Morocco.

Have a great 2016 filled with love, adventures and magic!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

It's Christmas time once again and this also marks the end of our first year living in Marrakech. This has truly been an amzing year filled with new experiences, lots of adventures and fun. We have met so many great new friends and also enjoyed visits of our friends and families from Sweden.

It's Christmas time

We have travelled from South to North in the beautiful Kingdom of Morocco. We have gazed at stars in the Sahara desert, trekked over the Atlas mountains snowy peaks, surfed and swimmed in the ocean, visited vinyards, olive groves, saffron farms and so many beautiful cities (Casablanca, Tangier, Fes, Rabat, Meknes, Chefchauen, El Jadida, Mirleft and Essaouira just to mention a few). We keep falling deeper in love with Morocco and are for sure under the magical spell of Marrakech.

Deck the halls
During this year we have invested a lot of time and resources in Project Soar, that works to empower girls in Morocco, we have started up our communications agency Red City PR, we are working on the next TedX Talks in Marrakech and try to support the Marrakech Biennale 6th edition. We have also studied Arabic and French as well as continued with board assignments and support for the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Sweden. It's been a busy and fun year and of course we want to stay on for 2016 and see how things develope. We are convinced this exciting adventure will continue and that great things will happen.

We also decorate our sculls for Christmas here in Marrakech
2015 was unfortunatley also a very uncertain and unstable year with wars, terror, refugees and humanitarian crisis in many corners of our world. Morocco is luckily at this point classified as a safe place, safer than many European countries in fact. The security here is very high and many religions and beliefs have lived side by side for centuaries so we hope for more understanding, tolerence and better co-existance all over the globe in the year to come.

The weather has been AMAZING in December! This is where you find us some days after the gym.

A small Christmas tree in the entrance of our place, Riad Arabe ("JUL"="Christmas" in Swedish)
Our great friends Annelie and Stefan have arrived and we are spending Christmas toghether. The weather is amazing, sunny and 25 C. We spend the holidays on roof terraces and  swim in the pools. We have enjoyed some great dinners and fun times here. For New Years we go back to Stockholm and will check in on our weekend house in the archipelago for the first time in a almost a year.

Hanging out with great friends Annelie and Stefan over Christmas


Disco, the dachshund, wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Peace & love,

Saturday, 12 December 2015

La Sultana - a great place to celebrate!

We just have to tell you about one of our favourite places in Marrakech! When we were searching to buy our own Riad almost four years ago we were looking at a house in the Kasbah district of Marrakech and stumbled upon the hotel La Sultana around lunchtime. We decided to try their restaurant and were lead to their roof terrace where we were served an excellent lunch. Ever since that time we have gone back so many time when we have had something special to celebrate.

The courtyard at La Sultana is a pool during the day and a beautiful restaurant at night

Right after we had signed all the papers to Riad Arabe we wanted to celebrate in style so we went back to La Sultana for a long wine lunch. After that it became a tradition for us to return to this place when we had something to celebrate. There have been birthday luncheons as well as anniversary dinners. One Christmas Eve we went there for spa treatments and a dinner in their courtyard. Another year we had New Year's Eve's lunch on the terrace with our best friends. Last week we stayed in one of the many beautiful suites of La Sultana, it honestly was one of the most beautiful and spacious rooms we have experienced in Marrakech.

New Years Eve's lunch with our friends Annelie & Stefan

One Christmas Eve we spent the day in this amazing spa

We have always felt very welcome here and this is one of the rare places in Marrakech where we have never been dissapointed with the service or quality of the food. La Sultana consists of five different riads and courtyards that have been connected into a beautiful and very palace-like five star hotel.

Last week we tried this delicious dessert, it was amazing!

La Sultana has several courtyards, this is the white one 

And this is the black one

Then there is a garden one

And then there is this one with a large pool

 The terrace is as beautiful as the rest of the hotel
There are lots of places on the roof terrace to relax

This is one of the 28 rooms called the Jaguar Suite, where we stayed last week

So if you have something extra nice to celebrate we really recommend you go to go to this fantastic place, just like we do!
See you soon!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

We need YOUR help!

Dear Friends and Morocco enthusiasts,

As you know from previous blog posts we are very proud to be part of Project Soar, an organisation that empowers girls in Morocco. Project Soar works one village at the time with the goal to give underserved girls a better future. Through education in sports, health and art we try to motivate the girls and keep them in school. We also started to provide English training for the girls. Project Soar is a non-profit US registred organisation where all contributions go directly to the Moroccan girls.

During 2016 we aim to roll out Project Soar in more villages to be able to support more girls and for this we need funding. Any amount, big or small, will make a huge difference so please consider to contribute to our fundraise for Moroccan girls:

We would very much appreciate if you would consider a small donation to help us help girls in Morocco and give them a better future. 

More about Project Soar HERE

Follow our work with Project Soar on Facebook and Instagram

Support us via a small donation HERE

Many thanks for helping us create a better future for more girls in Morocco!

Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Red Gold of Africa

Once a year it is harvest time for saffron and these purple plants of the crocus family are in full bloom for a couple of weeks. We decided to take a Red City PR meeting at the saffron farm "Paradis du Safran" outside Marrakech and get some work done in a tranquile environment.

The purple saffron flowers are harvested manually.

Saffron is known as "the red gold of Africa". High quality saffron costs about 30 Euro/gram at this farm. We were told that 90% of the saffron you find in the world (yes, also in Europe) is fake, substitutes or unpure. So make sure you buy high quality secured saffron when you're out shopping.

Approx 150-200 flowers are needed for just 1 gram of saffron.

Each saffron flower has three red pistilles, these are manually seperated from the flowers and only the red part is used in pure saffron. The saffron plants are very sensitive to climate and a normal farm can harvest 1-5 kg saffron/year.

Harvest in progress

A lot of work to first pick the flowers...

...and then separate the saffron from the flower.

Using real saffron, when you cook or bake, you only use a few straws and you have to use a mortar and then let them souk in some water for 5 minutes. After that you add it to your food, sauce or baking for a fantastic taste.

The final product, ready to be used!

Paradis du Safran is located appprox 30-40 minutes outside Marrakech and you also find beautiful gardens as well as a lot of exotic plants and herbs. A great excursion for a half day trip.

Beautiful views everywhere

One of the three cute resident dogs

They had peacocks at the farm!

The Red City PR team including one of our dogs, Disco, after a productive day of work and planning.
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Now we are ready to enjoy some fish tagine with saffron sauce,