Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A run around Marrakech

Now we have been here in the Red City for two weeks and are really getting into our new daily routines. Our days here include studying French, some new projects on the riad, meeting new people and trying to stay fit. As far as health is concerned the Moroccan food is actually very good and all products are ecologically produced in the area of Marrakech. We are doing yoga on the roof terrace every day and have been running almost all days, we have identified a very nice 8-10 km distance around the pink walls of the city - come join us for a run!

We start out with a quick 1 km walk through the narrow alleys of the medina

After that we reach a bigger street where we start this 8,5 km run

We run through one of the gates in the city wall and are outside the medina

We follow the majestic pink walls of the city

Surounded by palms

In the distance you see the snowy Atlas mountains through out this run

We continue around the city

We pass through the gate of Marrakech and are back in the medina

And we end this run in our little street, tired but happy

Every day its also yoga on the terrace. Per is a trained to become a "yogi" in India

We need a gym and decided to go for Hivernage spa & health club, a five star hotel where you can become a member to the health club.

Our run in Marrakech is, as you can tell from the pictures, very flat so you have to work with the pace and intervalls. Running in and around Marrakech we at some points have to zick zack your way between people and vehicles. We are a quite exotic sight running in Marrakech and get a lot of cheering from people, castle cards and police. Nevertheless there was a half marathon last weekend so we believe running is picking up here as well.

Now its Friday morning, We are off the French class and this afternoon we hit the streets again.

Have a nice weekend!

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