Saturday, 17 January 2015

Here we go - the adventure begins!

It is very early morning and time to leave. The journey begins once again. We have traveled to Morocco about 16 time since we bought our little Riad some 2 years ago but this time it is on a one way ticket.

We are soon boarding the Air France flight from Stockholm via Paris to Casablanca. In Casablanca our regular driver will pick us up and its a 2 hour drive on good roads to Marrakech, our new home. The reason we are this time taking the route via Paris to Casablanca (instead of the convenient direct flights to Marrakech) is that we want to take our dog, the dachshund Disco, in the cabin and Air France is the only airline flying to Morocco that allows this (with the other airlines you have to check your pets into the cargo compartment when going to Africa). So Disco will enjoy the trip in business class together with us. He is a quite well traveled dog by now and he has previously joined us to Norway, France and Italy several times. No doubt, Marrakech will be more of an adventure and challenge also for him.

Disco on top of some Louis Vuitton luggage in Italy, 2014. 
And a Bottega Veneta collar - always travel in style!

Our businsess class tickets allow us to bring 2 big and heavy pieces of luggage each, a big advantage when moving to a new country. Late this afternoon we will be greeted with traditional mint tea by our house keeper Rachida and start our new life in Morocco.

Starting now this blog will act as our travel journal and reflect our daily life in Morocco. Subscribe to stay tuned.

The red flag of Morocco

The location of our new country of residence

Disco in his cabin bag, Louis Vuitton - what else?

"There are two cities in Marrakech - the first, the capital, is geometrically and secretly laid out. 
It is the perfect city as dreamed of by its prince. 
The other Marrakech, both rich and exciting, has become a labyrinth for lost travelers. 
The hidden order of the city, the invisible star drawn, then erased by the centuries, still shines.
 Its reflection can be seen in time, on the many facets of its mosaics and domes, 
in the geometry of its red and gold cedar ceilings, in the water in its pools and fountains, 
and the ever-renewed paradise of its courtyard houses."
Quentin Wilbaux

The magic of the courtyard houses of Marrakech

Bon Voyage!