Friday, 9 January 2015

Morocco in Pictures

 "In a world filled with beige interiors, Morocco is the perfect antidote" 

Maryam Montague


Morocco is an amazing country, filled with colors, contrasts, beauty and treasures. We are often asked why we are so obsessed with this country and why we ended up here. In a previous blog post (see "Why Marrakech?" from October) we tried to explain why fell in love with Morocco and Marrakech.

There is the food, the culture, the architecture, the climate, the people and the exotic mystique. We love the many faces of Morocco. Where else can you find the snowy mountains and the great ocean just next to the desert? If you travel beyond our beloved Marrakech and leave the tourist trap Agadir behind there are adventures and dramatic nature to be found all over the country.

Perhaps the best way to explain the many faces of Morocco and why we love it is by pictures. Below you find some of our favorite photos that capture the magic and diversity of this country. The Sahara desert, the Atlantic coast, the Kasbahs, the Medinas, the Souks, the Mountains, the Architecture and the Colors. 


The Medinas
The Coast, Essaouira
The Beaches
The Magic, the narrow streets

The Square: Jema el fnaa

The Colors

The Smells, the Sounds

The Kasbahs

The Sahara Desert & stary nights

 The Snow in Oukaimden

 The Snowy Mountains, Oukaimden

The Souks

The Light, Palace Namaskar

The Arts and Crafts

The Treasures

The Fish

The Colors & Architecture

The Weather

 The Courtyards

The Luxury, La Mamounia

The History

The 1001 night feeling, Gate to Marrakech

The Atlas Mountains

The Architecture, La Sultana

The Villages, Atlas Mountains

The Menara

Palms, sand and snow in the same day!

The views of the Atlas mountains from your roof terrace

The people of Morocco

It is a magical country and we feel very fortunate to have a house here. We look forward to explore Morocco further during the years to come. Starting next Saturday it will be our permanent home and we become true "Marrakchis" (people who own a house in Marrakech and live there). Come join us!

Have a great weekend,