Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The first days

We are finally here! No problems at all with getting Disco into the county and we all arrived safely a couple of days ago to our riad in the medina. Our housekeeper, Rachida, had arranged for the riad to have a new coat of white paint and the whole house was in perfect condition with fresh roses in all rooms to welcome us to Marrakech.

The first days have been about practical projects such as getting a better wifi installed, having different carpenters and handy men over to start building some new features in the riad, buying some additional lamps (how many lamps is it possible to have in a riad? We have bought some 30 lamps since we moved in...) and inspecting the roof since we had some small problems after a heavy rain some weeks ago.

A dachshound in Marrakech

Disco in his golden bed in the gold lounge

Disco seems to really love Marrakech and all the new smells in the medina, he jumps for joy everytime we go out. He also spends a lot of time exploring the riad and going off on small adventures of his own in the big house. Dogs are not so common in Marrakech and Disco is already wellknown in our street and greeted by name by our neighbours. He has charmed Rachida and likes to hang with her in the kitchen. He has two beds, one in our bedroom and another one in the "gold lounge". So far so good.

The little patio of our riad

Fresh roses everywhere

This January is actually exceptionally cold in Marrakech, in the sun during daytime it is still some 20c and warm but in evenings and night the temperature drops to 5-7c. When we arrived it was raining in the city with 340 days of sun/year and chilly. Weatherwise it was not a warm welcome but now the sun is returning and we hope for spring in early February. The riads are very open with many rooms opening up to the outside, this is great in the spring, summer and autumn but less optimal in January.

The local Jellbah (kaftan) is an excellent fashion piece in the winter time

Cosy log fire in the salon

We enjoyed two excellent dinners in our own riad so far and also had time to visit and dine at Villa Flore and El Fenn as well as a French lunch at La Bagatelle.

Patrick at El Fenn

We got these lamps, traditional Moroccan design but painted white for a more contemporary look. They look nice in the white 'b hou', pool side lounge.

New white lamps by the pool

Another new lamp, this one is copper, for the wall in the gold lounge.

It is actually a strange feeling that the world in Stockholm is going on without us. Management meetings are held, decisions are made and it is business as usual in our workplaces while things changed so dramatically for us. A strange but very good feeling. It is now 7:30 in the morning, time to get out of bed. Breakfast is soon being served on the roof terrace and then we will meet with our carpenter and textile designer to discuss some new sofas and a pergola.

Have a nice day out there!


  1. Låter härligt, komma på plats och fixa lite. Kul att Disco trivs och det var väl givet att han skulle charma alla...stor kram på er

  2. Spännande, jag ser fram emot fler inlägg med Disco som gästbloggare!