Friday, 23 January 2015

Turtle Time!

The lush gardens in the riads attract a lot of birds and are perfect for exotic animals like turtles or camelonts. We have always liked turtles. We swam with big ocean turtles in Galapagos, met Lonesam George (the last turtoise of his kind, who passed away last year) in the Darwin Center, saw turtle eggs hatch in Borneo and Per used to have a pet turtle as a kid. So needless to say we felt our riad should also have a couple of domestic turtles.

Happy about our new pets

The Morish land turtles (turtoise) are happiest as couples and can live for 50-60 years. Morocco has the perfect climate for these animals so we felt it would be a natural thing to add these pets to our riad. We bought a male and a female turtle, both three years old and named them Vincent and Valerie. You should avoid two male turtles living together since they become competitive. These two are very playful and sweet to each other.

Vincent (left), Valerie (right), enjoying the sun on the roof terrace

We also got a giant bird cage with a 1m2 surface to act as their turtle house. The cage was painted white and placed in a niche by the pool (matching the white lamps). This is where they sleep and relax when we are not home. 

The turtle house

During day time they join us by the pool or on the roof terrace and enjoy the sun and some excercise, they are remarkably fast and active. Both the patio and the roof terrace have levels that keep the turtles  safe and confided in the areas where we leave them to enjoy the sun.

Vincent by the pool

Valerie in the turtle house

They are vegetarian and feed on sallad, tomatoes and carrots. 

A light sallad for lunch

A drink or a bath? 

Diaco get on very well with them and likes to follow them around on a distance.

Fun in the sun, Disco and his new friends

Disco and Valerie

This is Viktor, a three year old camelont.

Chilling in a tree

Vincent taking a walk

These are the pets of Riad Arabe, we better stop now before the place turns into a zoo. Did anyone say peacocks?

Turtle Time!

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