Friday, 27 February 2015

Insiders Guide III: the Spa:s and Hamams of Marrakech

Morocco is well known for its traditions of the hamam rituals and arabic beauty secrets. Some of the best spas in the world are located in Morocco and these ancient rituals are deeply routed in the countries traditions. The spas here are based on the hamam tradition that originally has religious meaning and is performed Fridays by men and women separated to clense the mind and body for the weekend, Friday is the holy day in Islam.


These hamam rituals differ from the spa experiences we may be used to from Asia or Scandinavia but over the years they have been adapted and developed to embrace also other spa traditions. If you just do one spa treatment in Morocco, go for he traditional hamam at a spa that fits your budget. There are local hamams where you bring your own soap as well as some of the most luxurious spas on the planet.

A local hamam where the Moroccans go Fridays to be cleaned, if you have a Moroccan who can take you it can be quite an experience...

In this blog post we list our favorite spas and hamams in Marrakech, as always in this blog with a focus on high end spas rather then the local one shown in the picture above.

Royal Mansour Spa - the palace hotel and spa owned by the king and the latest addition to the super luxury scene of Marralech. The design of the spa is divine and there is a lush garden and beautiful pool. Probably the best spa in Morocco and yes, it is very expensive but well worth the money. The hamam area is beautiful and palatial. Facials by Chanel,

Le Spa at La Mamounia - the spa of the legendary Marrakech hotel is beautiful and tranquile. We like the pool area upstairs better then the dark hamam rooms downstairs. It is well worth a visit for the ambience and also give you access to the gardens and pools of La Mamounia

La Sultana Spa - amazing palace like spa in a traditional design. Very private and beautiful. Excellent treatments.

Palace Es Saadi Spa & Christian Dior Institut - this is a bigger spa with good treatments. Especially the Dior institute located here perform the best facials in existance. There is also a very good gym. 

Hamam de la Rose - more of a small, traditional hamam with a design twist. Very good traditional treatments and no extra fuss (that is no pool, no garden, no gym), you come here for the hamam.

Les Bains de Marrakech - this is the big, beautiful and well known institution. Good place and a nice environment (allthough we heard of friends being offered extra benefits of a romantic nature...)

Local secrets: if you ever stay as out guest at Riad Arabe (and are a woman) our housekeeper Rachida can take you for a Moroccan traditional experience at her local hamam. This is a hamam ritual as original as it gets, a glimpse of Moroccan life and a memory for life. The same applies if you stay att smaller guest houses, ask the staff to take you to their local favorite hamam.

Our own top 3  list of best Hamam experiences
1 La Sultana
2 Royal Mansour
3 Hamam de la Rose

Les sens de Marrakech
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Les sens de Marrakech

We spent this Friday at the Royal Mansour enjoying a private lunch, a great hamam and this beautiful pool.

Hi from Royal Mansour!

We are sure you will love the hamams in Marrakech whichever one you chose. Now we are off to the Sahara desert for a while.

Take it easy, take a hamam!