Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A day with Marie Claire Magazine

One of the great things about living in Marrakech is that you end up in so many fun situations. Since we tend to say "yes" to everything there have been several of them by now. 

This Sunday afternoon we were sipping yummie cocktails at Maryams place and talking about life and design, as well as magic and whale bones, when a team from Marie Claire Magazine turned up and wanted to know our favorite spots in Marrakech since we all live here and also write blogs. They were doing a huge feature on Morocco and Marrakech. So the following morning the three of us met up with the Marie Claire team and gave them our best insider's tips on shopping, restaurants, night clubs and hotels. This edition of the magazine has a circulation of 150.000 copies so it's quite a big thing.

Sunday cocktails at our dear friend Maryams chic home turned into a day with Marie Claire Magazine 

Maryam is showing Marie Claire her favorite places to shop

Moroccan fashion designers shown by Maryam

Patrick telling the reporter everything he knows about Marrakech

Hopefully they chose pictures where we look nice....

In the souks in the medina you find the traditional objects as well as antiquities. In the new town, Gueliz, there are both the Western brands as well as the young and very interesting Moroccan designers and artists. Many of them use the traditions of Moroccan design but add contemporary design elements to create something new and interesting. There are a lot of upcoming Moroccan designers to be discovered both in fashion and interior design. You will find a lot of good shops in the area around the Majorelle garden in Gueliz.

Cool lanterns, traditional Moroccan style with a modern twist

Keep Calm - in general

Beautiful cheramics


Moroccan design



Patrick and our multi-tasking friend Maryam Montague, check out her blog, shop, book, charity and hotel on: www.mmontague.com

So what did we show Marie Claire?

The new designers and contemporary shops in the Majorelle area. The 33 Rue Majorelle shop is a great place to start, it is a show room for several interesting designers and artists and features both fashion, interior design and eco food. Check it out! 

As for night life, restaurants and hotels/riads you can check the Insiders Guide section of this blog to find out more, but of course le Table du Palais at Palais Lamrani, Maison Mk, El Fenn, Cafe Arabe, La Mamounia, Royal Mansour, Bo Zin, Riad Idra, La Sultana and Comptoir were all on the list.

Once the articles are published we will share them with you in this blog.

Now we are off to London for Swedish fashion brand Lindex first store in the UK and also a Lindex baord meeting for Per. Lindex is an amazing, trendy and conscious brand, check it out at www.lindex.com

Lindex spring campaign with supermodels doing good 
"it's what you do that defines you" #superrolemodel . Who is the superrolemodel in your life? Ours is Maryam, and the three of us is going to do some serious good in Africa... More info will follow!

Who knows what next week will bring. New adventures, new friends, lots of fun and some nice cocktails for sure. To be part of this amazing community and to have found our very own and eclectic local "tribe" here in Marrakech is truly the best thing that happend to us so far. To be continued.

Your Marrakech Insiders,