Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Insiders Guide - Royal Palm, the best golf resort in Marrakech

Royal Palm - a new addition to the super luxury hotel scene in Marrakech. The other day we got a private tour of this amazing property and enjoyed a fantastic dinner here. Come take a walk with us around this beautiful resort.

The Royal Palm is the premium brand of the Beachcomber group and a new luxury golf resort outside Marrakech. The other Royal Palm resort is located on Mauritius (we need to check that one out as well I think). It is an amazing property with luxury suites, great restaurants, beautiful views of the Atlas mountains and the best golf course in the area. This is a beautiful property located some 20 minutes from the medina and the best place to golf. 

Beautiful interiors and great views.

The superior rooms start at 400 Euros/night and the gorgeous private villas are from 2000 Euros/night. Its posh, premium and very tasteful. For the visitors keen on golf this is the place to stay at with a beautiful golf course for exclusive use.  We think you should combine a golf stay here with some nights in a traditional riad in the medina (see previous blog post), for instance El Fenn, Riad Idra or Palais Lamrani. The design is modern with huge volumes featuring inspiration and elements of both the Moroccan and French traditions. 

Our friend Rossana Mariano is the founder and CEO of Swedens leading lifestyle PR firm RMPR with Louis Vuitton, Breitling, Loccitane and many more among her clients (not to mention she is a former super model). Royal Palm and Beachcomber is also a client of hers. Here we are outside the Royal Palm resort. 

Spacious lobby

Details from the lobby

Royal Palm hallway

There is a 2000m2 pool (!!!!) - thats a lot of water...

Entrance to the Clarins Spa

Clarins spa at Royal Palm

The beautiful bar

The pools are among the most beautiful once we have seen, we especially enjoyed tha palm and fire features in the water.

Royal Palm

Beautiful rooms, suites and private villas with terraces and lounge areas

Per, Rossana & Patrick outsode one of the private villas, each one with a beautiful garden, pool and private hamam.
Night at the Royal Palm

We really appreciated the beautiful property and the excellent food. For the golfer this is the best option and also well worth a visit for the restaurants. We will be back.

Thanks Royal Palm and Rossana for the tour!