Friday, 6 March 2015

Sahara Part I: the road to adventure

On the road again, 4x4 Toyota car and a very skilled driver that were our loyal companions for the week.

We are trying to discover as much as possible of Morocco and of course the Sahara desert was on top of our list. We sat out for a one week adventure in the desert. It takes two days of driving to get there from Marrakech but the road was amazing and included a lot of beautiful stops. We went over the snowy Atlas mountains, through villages, farming land and green palm oasisis. All over the mountains you find beautiful Kasbahs (fortresses), where the local pashas used to live. Today some Kasbahs fall into ruins, other are converted into hotels or restaurants. The almond trees were blooming, the palm trees were green and the landscape both dramatic and beautiful.

We went over two huge mountains in the high Atlas, 3500 metres high roads


Kasbah Tagounite

View from Kasbah Tagounite

An old Kasbah ruin

Here at Kasbah Azul we stayed over the first night.

In front of Kasbah Azul

A palm filled oasis before the desert

A Berber village


Doors from the 16th century 

We managed to find a Conde Naste spot for lunch before the desert

After two days through beautiful Morocco it was time to leave the roads and drive straight out on the dunes into the Sahara dessert. More about that in the next blog post.

Next up: the largest desert in the world, stay tuned!