Friday, 6 March 2015

Sahara Part II: the desert

The Sahara desert is the largest "hot" desert in the world. The largest desert by definition is the Antarctica, obviously a "cold" desert.

One of our guides walking the dunes 

After two days of scenic driving (see previous blog post) we entered the Sahara. The roads ended. From now on it was just us, our driver, the 4x4 car and the dunes. After an adventorous drive of some two hours we reached our destination, the Erg Chigaga Desert Luxury Camp.

The light, shadows and colours are amazing. 

Desert magic

We enjoyed sunsets on top of the dunes and the staff laid out rugs, brought tray tables, wine and snacks - very stylish in this unique setting.

Welcome to Erg Chigaga luxury desert camp! 

Part of the lounge area at the camp

The camp is located in the middle of the dunes. The tents are 30m2 and have eco friendly flush toilets and shower solutions. The standard and quality of food, service and accomodation were fantastic. Our tent, and adjoining bathroom tent, is the one beyond the fire place.

Outside the tents

Part of our tent, very comfortable with real beds, wall-to-wall carpets, high quality bed linen and plenty of space.


Magical sunrises

On our way over the dunes

The colours 

We took several tours on our camels

We surfed the dunes

Hey Adventure!

One of our loyal friends

One day we went for a private lunch in a small oasis
Sahara selfie!

Star gazing at night

The Erg Chigaga luxury desert camp

The best time to go to the Sahara is March/April and October/November. We had sunny days and chilly nights. The summer is unbearably hot. The Erg Chiganga luxury desert camp was amazing, we can strongly recomend it. It is the very best place to stay in the desert.

We just loved the Sahara and will be back soon!

Over and out for now!

Sandy greetings,