Saturday, 14 March 2015

Souks or Louis Vuitton?

Yes, you have the souks. The world famous, amazing souks of Marrakech. The main purpose to come here. The place to search for hidden treasures, to get lost in the maze, bargain with the proud artists, find unique design items and perhaps some crap as well. 

Interior designers from around the world flock to Marrakech for inspiration and buying. The beautiful Riads of the city continue to inspire and seduce. And the souks of the medina is where you find the most sought after items that are used to create the special ambience of the hotels, riads and homes in the red city.

Navigating the Maze of the Marrakech Medina
The world famous souks

The souks of Marrakech, a maze to get lost in and to get seduced by.


Shaded alleys

Slippers in all colors

Magic carpets

Lamps and magic from 1001 nights

Or, you could go to the new city, Gueliz, to find comfort in the main stream western brands. Nice to know you have the best of two worlds. 

Louis Vuitton is always a safe place to go. 

We are both huge fans of LV and get all our bags and most accessories from LOuis Vuitton. Some of the other premium brands like Gucci and Hermes have their stores in selected five star hotels like La Mamounia.

Pers previous employer Gant has a flagnship store here as well 
(Per used to be the Managing Director of Gant Sweden)


Adidas. You find the fakes of all these brands in the medina, 
in Gueliz you find the original brand stores.

Another one of Pers former employers, H&M, opened up recently in Marrakech (Per used to be the global marketing director of H&M)

This is where we get our coffee to the Riad

Insiders tips:
Friday is the holy day of Islam so in the souks a lot will be closed Fridays. Fridays is also the day off for workers, for educated people Sunday is the day off. European run businesses apply the regular Saturday-Sunday off. However, due to tourism peaking weekends a lot of shop keepers choose to stay open. Moroccans are hard working, if there is business to do at 10pm they will do it at 10pm. For religious Moroccans Fridays remain a sacred day regardless of tourists so if you are a serious shopper make sure you don't save your purchases for a Friday.

Antique Moroccan doors are beautiful pieces of art that are great for decorating your home

Our favorite things to shop in Marrakech:
1. Lamps, lamps, lamps
2. Kilim carpets
3. Antique doors
4. Tray tables
5. Silver laterns
6. Le sense de Marrakech products

Classical Moroccan silver laterns

Kilim patchwork

Keep it secret - KIS
KIS, keep it secret, is the name of a beautiful little bohemian chic shop located between Cafe Arabe and the main square. Here you find selected fashion items, interior pieces and other cool stuff. Check it out, the most amazing changing rooms in the city! Here you can find the Le sense de Marrakech products.

Keep it secret - KIS boutique

Shop til you drop!