Thursday, 16 April 2015

Insiders Shopping Tips: Souk Cherifia & Topolina

Hi there, 
this is an extra blog post to tell you about a very nice "one stop shop" for modern Moroccan design with a twist as well as local brand and shop Topolina.

Souk Cherifia is a small galleria or mall, located in the heart of the medina right under well known Terrasse des Epices. In the ground floor you find traditional pottery, baskets and souvenirers but if you step up the stairs you find around 20 small shops with modern Moroccan design. We also found a very interesting designer brand just around the corner from our house, the brand is called Topolina.

Some 20 small design stores are located on the second floor of Souk Cherifia

This is a great place to go to get a feeling of what new designers are up to. There are several traditional items with a a modern twist. Some of the brands and designers are also represented in the 33 Majorelle shop by the Majorelle Garden outside the medina. The prices are fixed and you find both interior design, food, jewlery and fashion for men as well as for women. The second floor with small design shops is a new addition to the medina and well worth a visit.

Souk Cherifia

The design floor upstairs

Beautiful and unique pillows and other African chic interior design items at Sissi Morocco

A modern take on pottery, hand made by the artist who runs this shop

Local designers

Beautiful high quality fashion basics

A typical shop of a local designer

Chabi Chic, not a great name but nice products

We got this pottery from Chabi Chic for our bathroom - modern Moroccan cheramics. Great for storage in the bathroom, or for coffee.

Marrakshi Life - now that is a good name for a brand! 
High quality Moroccan fashion, the designer used to work for Jean Paul Gaultier

We really like the label "Marrakshi Life", high quality fashion produced in Marrakech by the designer himself

You can even have the pieces custom made if you want to put your own mark on the design. We will pick up the striped sweater in a slightly different cut in a few days.

Jewels - new shop in Dar Charifia

Jewels is well known jewlery sold all over the world. These beautiful pieces are very ethnic and tribal chic, as well as quite pricy.

Here we are at the store opening of Jewels in Marrakech with our dear friend Maryam (in red/white dress) and the designer Jules herself (next to Patrick) - a great evening!

Topolina in Dar Bacha

Colourful summer shorts at Topolina

Shoes, handmade in Marrakech by Topolina

Graphic patterns and fun fashion at Topolina

Per is matching his shorts with the drapes

The designer of the men's collection, Pierre-Henri

For more shopping tips, check out previous blog posts. There are a lot of cool stuff to find both in the souks and in the new town. Rue Majorelle 33 and KIS are two other favorites of ours.

So get your ass over here and do some serious shopping!