Friday, 3 April 2015

The Morocco Tour Part I: Ben el Ouidane - Ifrane - Fes

We have embarked on our great tour of Northern Morocco. For two weeks we will travel and experience these parts of our new home country. It's the two of us, Disco and our driver Mohammed. Together we will journey through the royal cities and the major sights of Morocco and discover Ifrane, Fes, Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca, Chefchauen, El Jadida and all the amazing nature surounding these spots.

On the road again

The waterfalls of Ouzud

Morocco is truly an amazing country and the nature continues to fascinate and surprise us. In the same day we can discover great canyons, rocky mountains, green rolling hills, olive groves, snowy mountains and lakes. It is truly like getting the best of New Zeeland, Australia, USA, Tuscany and the alps all in the same day while crusing slowly in your car. Fantastic! Not many people realize the diversity of Morocco and the great things you can experience quite easy here.

The lake Ben el Ouidane

Our hotel right on the lake of Ben el Ouidane, felt like Lake Como in Italy (with slightly poorer service level)

Patrick & Disco by a lake on the highlands

Ifrane is a spa and ski resort with European architecture and a very nice climate, it has the feeling of a posh Swiss ski resort. We stayed at the amazing Michlifen Suites & Spa with an award winning restaurant.

Michlifen Suites & Spa, Ifrane


Hello Fes!

After Ifrane we continued to Fes, here we have checked into to Dar Andalous and Disco is eager to get to know the city.

Fes - the oldest medina in the world featuring the oldest university in the world, founded by Fatima - Girl Power!

The medina of Fes is yellow and not dusty pink as the Marrakech one.


Hey Horse!

Souks of Fes

Beautiful fountains

Enjoying drinks with a view

The entrance to the Royal Palace

Bab Boujloud, gate to Fes

Fountain Nejjarine

The leather tanneries

Riad living at Dar Andalous

Happy Easter from the three of us!

We will stay and discover Fes for two days and then we will continue to Meknes, vinyards and Chefchauen (the blue mountain town).

Over and out for now,