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Project Soar - Doing good in the local community

When you live in a country like Morocco it is inevitable that you sooner or later will feel the need to get involved in some kind of charity, trying to help out and make life a little easier for people in your community. In Morocco there are public schools and even universities, hospitals and a basic wellfare system. However, many Moroccans who live on the countryside under very basic conditions can not always benefit from this. Also there are cultural norms and uneducated parents that create problems for especially girls. A big problem is young girls dropping out of school to help out at home or even get married very young.

"We believe the world would be a better place if everyone made an effort to be better neighbors"

          - Maryam Montague, founder of Project Soar

This is where Project Soar comes in. Project Soar is a non profit organisation founded by our dear friend, humanitarian worker, design guru and hotelier Maryam Montague. The purpose of the organisation is to help and empower under-served girls in the rural areas outside Marrakech. 

Every Sunday some 30-60 girls turn up for the Project Soar activities

Project Soar works one neighbour and one neighbourhood at a time to make the world a better place, a place that is more beautiful through art, design and rehabilitaion projects. And a place that is healthier through sports, education and cleanup efforts. The project focus on girls 6-14 years old and to empower them through sports, art and design to motivate them to educate themselves and be strong individuals. Girlpower to bring confidence to little girls in a country that is still very traditional in the country side.

Excited girls waiting for Project Soar to start

Every Sunday 30-60 girls from the neighbouring villages turn up to the Project Soar events on the grounds of Peacock Pavilions. Here they participate in different activities and educational sessions and there is also a doctor present informing about hygine, nutrition etc. Project Soar also finance and teach English to the girls to give them tools for communication and a better future.
It is a very good intitative and last Sunday we were happy to volunteer at the Project Soar activities for a day of skateboarding, scrapbooking and hanging with these lovley littlr girls.
Some of the girls in the project

Maryam is a passionate humanitarian and the founder of Project Soar

The guys from the Association Extreme Sports taught the girls how to skateboard
Voluntering instructors

Girls skating, they learned quite fast!

Beauty, heart and brains: Maryam, founder of Project Soar, and Erica, branding expert from the US

Some of the Project Soar girls

Scrapbooking, at the same time they also learned about animals and food

Young artists at work

Having fun with the skateboard

Trying to keep up with the girls

We tried to be of assistance

Fatima was very into the projects

Maryam and Dr Scully who provides health and nutrition education for the girls

Thanks for inviting us to Project Soar Maryam! We will be back to plan field trips and other things for the girls!

Change start with us as individuals making an effort to help people around us, all efforts big or small matter and will eventually waterfall into a bigger change for the better. We are convinced Project Soar is scalable and we will look into how we can contribute in our local community, in our street, our town and eventually around Morocco. Focus will be empowerment of girls.

Do YOU feel that YOU do a lot of good in your own community, neighbourhood or in the bigger picture? If yes, great! If no, perhaps it's time to start making an effort to make the world a little better. 

To make a change, to be good and to do good is not always so easy. We know that back in Sweden we sure had a hard time to figure out what to do and who to trust but did the occassional charity contribution to feel good about ourselves. Living in Africa it feels more natural to start doing good since you see so much you can improve at close hand. We try our best to help our little tribe, that is the people close around us in the medina and those working for us here in Marrakech. We are very happy to have been invited to Project Soar and we have additional ideas on what we could do to help out here in Morocco. 

If you feel you want to do good and be part of a positive movement for little girls but don't know what to do we suggest you sponsor Project Soar! All contributions make a big difference here. If you have 10-100 Euro (or maybe even more?) to spare the we can guarantee that the money will end up helping underserved girls to a better future. And remember that Project Soar is 100% non profit and a registred charity organisation.

Help us help!
You can learn more about Project Soar and how to make a donation HERE. If you want to both do good and get some cool Moroccan goodies at the same time you can shop beautiful Moroccan design items in the Red Thread Souk webshop. The shop is curated by Maryam who also has written design books and styled  a lot of celebrity homes. All profit from the shop goes directly to Project Soar. If you want to visit Marrakech we suggest you stay at beautiful, stylish and super chic boutique hotel Peacock Pavilions, 10% of the profit goes to support Project Soar.

Per Sjödells foto.
Maryam's beautiful home and boutique hotel Peacock Pavilions is the playground for retreats from all over the world. The retreat leaders also contribute to Project Soar by sharing knowledge with the girls.
Peacock Pavilions is a very well known and top ranked hotel for all kind of retreats from all over the world. Everything from yoga, belly dancing, photography and fashion events goes on here and the retreat leaders also contribute to Project Soar by sharing their knowledge with the girls in inspirational workshops. Part of the hotel's profit goes to the project and Maryam also open up her home, gardens and spaces to the Project Soar on Sundays.

Red Thread Souk is the web shop of M Montague
Carpets, lamps, design items and goodies for a good cause

Please take some time to reflect on how You can contribute and make the community around you a better place and if you don't know how or where to start, why not start with our little Moroccan projects? We will keep you posted on the developments of both Project Soar and other charity initatives for Morocco. If you have any questions, pleaee contact us!
So come on, give a little - to do good is the new black.

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