Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Insiders Guide VII: The swimming pools of Marrakech

The city is heating up, temerature is starting to push 35c and it is time to chill out and dive into the blue. This is the season when a pool is a bare necessity of life.

There is always a reason for a pool party in Marrakech! This picture is from a sunny afternoon with cocktails and great people at our friend Maryam's place.

Marrakech is warm and sunny all year around and we love the little swimming pool in our riad. It is deep, indigo blue, surounded by palm trees and located in our courtyard, partly in shade and partly in the sun. There is a nice outdoor lounge, a so called B´hou, next to it, which is perfect for lounging around with a book or a cocktail. We swim all year round, day and night. Our pool-keeper Fariji comes 4 times a week and take care of the pool and plants. At night it glows beautifully and casts reflections on the white walls and is the perfect back drop to dinners under the stars. A friend called it "a lagoon", and that is a pretty good description of our pool.

Now in June Marrakech is heating up and the temperature is around 30-35c. We are approaching the really dry and hot season of which the peak is in end July and August.

Riad Arabe, our little house
Our own pool at Riad Arabe

A "B'hou" is an outdoor lounge located under the arches of a riad. This is our little B'hou

Allthough we love our own little pool, from time to time we still check in to other, even greater, pools.

Come swim with us!

Insiders Guide to the best swimming pools in town

 Here is our list of the best places to get wet and wild in Marrakech:

The grand outdoor pool at La Mamounia, enjoy with a pricy lunch at the Italian restaurant. Day passes are available for non residents

Majestic indoor pool at le Spa, also La Mamounia

La Sultana, spa, pool and restaurants (as well as a very nice hotel)

 The spa pool at La Sultana

 Les Bains de Marrakech, pool and spa

 Beldi Country Club, boho chic place with a big pool and a great place for lunch

 Peacock Pavilions, also a very stylish boutique hotel featuring a super chic pool set in an olive grove

Jnane Tamsna is a beautiful hotel and an award winning, unique and lush garden in the Palmerie, you are welcome here for lunch and enjoying the pool also if not staying in the hotel.

The very nice restaurant and hotel Maison Arabe features 2 nice pools: 
one in the medina and one in their country club outside town (above)

Palace Es Saadi outdoor pool, the huge pool at our health club

Palais Es Saadi indoor pool, also 8 different hamams available

The amazing pool at beautiful Namaskar Palace - inspired by Indian maharaja palaces

Royal Palm features a 2000m2 (!!!) pool, or should we call it a lake?
Complete with palm trees and fires as decor in the pool.

The Menara, you can´t swim in this beautiful pond but it still qualifies 
as one of the most beautiful pools in Marrakech

Time to jump in! Patrick, Per and Maryam at Maryam's pool

Enjoy your swim!