Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A week in Scotland

We left Marrakech for a week to meet our friends Annelie & Stefan in a chilly, grey and very rainy Scotland. Temperatures were around 15-18c compared to the 40c in Marrakech, quite refreshing! First stop was Edinburgh, that turned out to be a very charming and livley little gothic town.

Tower overlooking Edinburgh

Per was travelling in style, bags by Louis Vuitton, denim by Prada and shoes by Hermes.

The roof tops of Edinburgh (views from our hotel room)

The main attraction of Edinburgh: The castle!

Fab 4 hits Scotland!

We stayed at The Witchery by the Castle, an absolutley amazing hotel! The hotel is located in an old stone castle from 1595 on The Royal Mile and is named after the hundreds of witches who were burned at the stakes on Castlehill. There are only nine suites and they are all huge and feature several rooms, fireplaces and amazing baths. The suites are all individually designed in a over the top, kitchy, gothic style. Champagne, choclates and cookies were refilled daily and complementary! The hotel also boosts two excellent and award winning restaurants. You take breakfast in the dining room in your suite or in the restaurant of the castle. The Witchery is one of the best and definately the coolest hotel we have stayed in. If you are in Edinburgh make sure to make a reservation here! 

The Witchery - a five star hotel located in an old castle just a few steps away from Edinburgh Castle.

We stayed in the Guardroom featuring three rooms, this is the dining room.

A long hallway connected the rooms in our suite.

Main salon of the Guardroom

The bedrooms in the suites at The Witchery are all amazing.

Several cosy fireplaces at the Witchery

Lounge area in our suite, where champagne was refilled daily!

Stefan, Annelie and Patrick checking out Edinburg castle

Friends ready for another day on the town

You don't go to the UK for great food experiences but we managed to find some really good restaurants in Edinburgh. The restaurant of our hotel, The Secret garden, was very nice with fine dining ambitions. We also enjoyed lunch at the Guide Michelin star restaurant The Kithin. Rhubarb is another great restaurant we went to, located in the beautiful Prestonfield estate. The Ship on the shore is a local fish and seafood restaurant, it was OK but not great. As always you get what you pay for and it is wise to do your research in advance when it comes to restaurants. 

We enjoyed a very nice three course lunch at the Rhubarb restaurant of the Prestonfield Estate

A nice lunch after a long walk up the mountain overlooking Edinburgh

After three days and nights filled with great discussions, lots of laughs, champagne and great food we left Edinburgh and took the train to Glasgow. Glasgow turned out to be a quite boring city without any fancy shopping or good restaurants. We stayed in a nice hotel, the Grand Central Hotel, located in a gothic building and with great location. It was nice, but nothing like the Witchery... And we missed our daily champagne bottle...

Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow

Gothic building and also the central train station of Glasgow

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland.

We went to an art exhibition at the GoMa (Glasgow Museum of Modern Art)

It rained alot so we took shelter in the museums.

We found a Swedish coffee shop so we had to order a swedish cream cake!

Our main reason for going to Glasgow was not the weather, the food or even the service level. The reason was that Bette Midler was performing at the Hydro Arena. The divas first European tour in 30 years and we were eager to check it out.

Excellent and very entertaining performance by the talented divine ms Midler!

The Hydro arena at night 

After our Scottish adventure we are now returning to summer, back to Marrakech and our riad. We are eager to check out the final result of our retiling project. Hopefully all stairways and the upper hall and salon are now retiled and the riad partly repainted and totally cleaned up after this dusty project. the end result remains to be seen, in Marrakech anything can happen when you rebuild...

We hope you enjoy a great summer wherever you are!