Wednesday, 22 July 2015

From a dogs point of view - Update

Hi my dear humans,
It's me again, the Marrakech based dachshund Disco, taking over this blog once again due to popular demand and many inquiries about my persona. You can check out my previous blogpost here! My masters are taking a siesta, due to the heat, so I thought I would take the opportunity to give you an update on our life in Morocco from a dogs point of view, the only sane point of view to be honest.

I love the pool and olive grove at Peacock Pavilions! Such a beautiful place and friendly humans!

I am now so settled in here in Marrakech that I can hardly recall what life was like in the cold North where we used to live. We dachshunds are very much about the present and we don't dwell on the past. And the present is good. Very good. And hot. Very very hot. Oh my god it's warm here, being in a thick and gorgous fur in 45-50c is quite a challenge I can tell you. So I take shorter walks, drink lots of water and relax in the shade. Sometimes I get wrapped in a wet cold towel or take a quick shower.

Trying to keep my head cool in 45c, here at Riad Nashira where they serve yummie Italian food.

Our life here is pretty great, I love our Riad and housekeeper Rachida. I enjoy that we all hang out together all the time, so much easier to keep my flock together here than back in Sweden where everyone was off to work all the time. I have made my peace with the cats, there is simply no other way to survive in a country where there seem to go 100 cats to every dog. How crazy is that?! I continue to guard and I bark beautifully and loud as soon as the door bell goes off or someone enters the house. 

One of the turtoises, Valerie, is taking a nap. I keep an eye on things!

Lucky for him that I don't do sallad!

Keeping an eye on things by our pool.

The food is amazing and additional to my normal dry dog food imported from Sweden I enjoy a lot of chicken that Rachida gives me when my masters look the other way. I have even learned to appreciate melon and other fruits. May and June where very nice months. Good weather, around 30c, and some visits from friends and family. We did a few trips and excursions but mainly enjoyed a relaxed lifestyle here in Marrakech.

We dachshounds are charming and demanding personalities. We are stubborn, if you can say no 100 times, we can endure 101 times. We usually get our way. It's a good thing we are so beautiful, it helps when you want to get away with a lot of things. The picture above summons up my opinion pretty well.

This is Diva, a beautiful lady dog living in the Palmerie with Meryanne and Gary.

This is Scout, the dog of Maryam, she lives on Peacock Pavilions and sure is cute but I don't like when she gets all the attention.

It's hot now, but I do enjoy the sun as long as I have access to shade and water.

My brilliant new shades, designed for dogs and a present from a very nice human called Camilla.

One day I was a bit overheated so I was wrapped in these swimtrunks that were soaked in ice cold water. Worked well and I was happy to wear Paul Smith!

Here I am in beautiful courtyard in our neighbourhood.

Patrick, me, Per and Carrie taking a selfie by the pool.

Are those for me? Thanks guys! I love home made croissants!

We retiled all the stairs, hallways and a salon. It was a MESS for weeks with up to six humans working away in MY house. I did not like it at all. But it looks nice now.

Family portrait, me and my masters and Rachida.

This used to be my hoods back in Stockholm in Sweden. Colder, darker and not so many smells and noices.

Well, that's all from me for now. On Monday we are all off to Essouira and the Atlantic coast. I love the beach so I am thrilled about our trip and look forward to chase the waves!

A big Voff to all of you!