Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A Day at Selman

Marrakech is hot, really hot. After a very nice and breezy June the heat wave hit our town last week and now it is around 40c in the afternoons and even desert storms at night. It's a dry heat so it is actually ok and we are used to it since we have been coming here during summer for the past three years. We take it easy, walk slow and drink a lot of water. The nights are warm and brings the city to life as we all roam the streets looking for nice outdoor restaurants for a late dinner in the magical Moroccan night. Ramadan (see previous blog post) puts the town under a spell and the days go by in a haze before sunset when Moroccans are allowed to eat and drink again.

During day time we often escape to some nice country club or resort outside town to enjoy a good book, cool drinks and a nice pool. In our previous blog post "the swimming pools of Marrakech" we list our favorite pools. But here is a secret, there is a "best" pool in Marrakech (acording to us). Our favorite pool all categoriesmis the beautiful 80 metre pool of Selman Palace. We have come here several times to enjoy a swim, great lunch and beautiful suroundings. Selman is of course also a great option to stay when viaiting Marrakech if you are looking for a resort.

There is also a truly world class spa here, which we strongly recommend you check out. But the best  thing about Selman is probably the amazing stables with beautiful purebread Arabic horses. If you were a horse, this is where you would want to live.

Selman Palace and it's iconic 80 metre pool

Enjoy a day in the shade of your own little lounge

Beautiful roses everywhere

Moroccan design

A traditional Moroccan hallway

A day in the sun and the palace park of Selman

The amazing horses of Selman

The horses enjoy a stable fit for a king (and some of the horses actually belong to the king)

The entrance to one of the stables at Selman

A beautiful pure bread Arabic horse

Simply stunning - the Kings horse

This horse just had his hair done

Each stall is spacious and has it's own waterfountain so the horses can get a cold drink at any time

Another beautiful horse

Walking the grounds

The horses enjoy beautiful fountains and huge green parks to run in

The spa of Selman - this is for humans, not horses

The spa of Selman, one of the best in Marrakech

Another pool to relax by

And one last picture from our favorite pool

Here We are enjoying a nice three course lunch at the main restaurant of Selman. We call it the Disney dining room since the decor is a bit "Disney"  with the purple colors, over sized teapots and colorful lamps

So, why do we keep checking into luxury resorts when we have our own little riad and pool you may wonder. Well, one reason is that that it's always nice with a change of sceney, but the main reason is that right now our own house is a mess! We started a big project to re-tile all our stairways, hallways and upper lounge. This was all great fun when chosing the design, tiles and having all the tiles special made in Fes. Less fun once the craftsmen start breaking up all floors and stairs so that we live in a dusty mess and have to climb to get from one floor to another. If we are lucky this will all be finished in a week or so and then we just need to do some repainting and a major cleaing. 

This is our house right now - so we escape, to Selman

A day at Selman is always a good day

So here we are, in a dusty chaos with craftsmen promising everything will be finished on time and acording to our instructions (yeah right). Tomorrow we are leaving for a week in Scotland to meet up with our friends Annelie & Stefan and enjoy some cooler weather (maybe even rain!). When we return we hope we will have beautifully tiled stairways and rooms.

Insha'Allah (god willing)