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Restaurants & Hotels in Marrakech - Update (Insiders Guide VIII)

Some of the many exciting things about Marrakech are the very vibrant and dynamic restaurant and hotel scene. There is always a new great restaurant opening and a new even more luxorious hotel being launched.

The food here is an exciting blend of the North African, French and Italian kitchens with additional influences from Asia. The quality of food and the interior designs of the restaurants are truly world class, allthough the service range from excellent to poor. The number of huge luxury hotels, small chic riads and charming B&B:s grow every month. We keep busy with dining in new places, having cocktails in new lounges and checking out at new palatial hotels. It's a though job but someone has to do it.

Since we have some new favorites we felt it was time for an update on where to eat and where to stay. For a complete list including spa:s, pools and nightlife check out our Insiders Guide section of this blog! 


La Villa Canaille - This is an excellent French restaurant with bistro style menue and an extensive (and expensive) wine list. This place recently changed location and is operated by an award winning French chef. It has a stylish outdoor/indooe dining room with a very urban vibe.

La Villa Canaille - very good French food bistro style. 50-60 Euros pp for a three course dinner (excl wine)

Riad 72 - Riad 72, also known as Riad Living, is a stylish guest house where also non residents can enjoy Moroccan or international food on the roof terrace or in the courtyard. Friendly service, nice ambience and good food. Relaxed atmosphere and a reliable kitchen.

Riad 72, around 50 Euros pp for a three course dinner (excl wine)

Mai Thai - This is one of very few Thai restaurants in Marrakech, a modern take on the Thai kitchen and very good value for money. The service might be a bit off but the food is good and the decor of the restaurant is very cosy. Also open for lunch.

Mai Thai - approx 40 Euros for a very nice four course menue (excl wine)

La Table du Palais / Palais Riad Lamrani - this is still our favorite for lunch! A beautiful and carefully renovated palace with a lush garden, very friendly staff and amazing food. Only open for lunch. This is possibly the most beautiful riad in Marrakech and the owners have filled both the palace and the garden with contemporary art. We love to spend an afternoon here enjoying the food and ambience.

Palais Lamrani - approx 30 Euro for a brilliant three course lunch (excl wine)

Riad L'Orangeraie - Here you find a very exclusive dining experience with amazing food and the most beautiful outdoor setting. Attentive staff, ambitious menue and great wines. Pricy but well worth the money. Very cosmopolitan and very impressive from start to finish.

Riad L'Orangeraie - a four course tasting menue is approx 80 Euros pp (excl wine)

La Sultana  - This beautiful palace is a very nice place for both lunch and dinner. At night the roof terrace is magical and you have the most amazing views over the medina. Very good food, both a la carte and fine dining menue is available.
La Sultana - around 80 Euros pp for a tasting menue and the same price for a three course dinner (excl wine). We love the truffels and mushroom lasagne!

Atay - Here is an easy going and nicly decorated little restaurant with a roof terrace and friendly staff. Basic but nice. Good for lunch, dinner or a coffee. Moroccan casual and cheap.

Atay - 15-20 Euros pp for a three course dinner (no wine available)

Kui Zin - another local restaurant with friendly staff, good food and a nice terrace here as well. Located close to Atay. We prefer the roof terrace to the indoor dining space.

Kui Zin - 15-20 Euros pp for a three course dinner, lunch + water for 6 Euros pp (no wine available)

Lotus Privillige - a very stylish and modern riad with a cool lounge ambience. Open for lunch and dinner. Food is mainly Moroccan. Ok wine list. Very beautiful courtyard and relaxed crowd.

Lotus Privillige - 50-60 Euros for a three course dinner excl wine.

Villa Flore - An amazing art deco house with very nice interiors. Open for both lunch and dinner. Great value for money. Good French food and easy going ambince. The French owner is a friendly lady who likes to mingle with her guests.

Villa Flore - 30 Euros pp for a three course dinner excl wine. Three course lunch for 15 Euros pp.

Gratuia this is a new favorite located in central Gueliz (new town). Operated by a (very) laid back (non english speaking) French woman this little place boosts great food and good French wines at a very reasonable cost. We love to hang out here for lunch or dinner. Both outdoor and indoor dining.

Gratuia, 25-30 Euros for a very nice three course dinner (excl wine), a bottle of Chablis is around 35 Euros.


Riad Idra - very stylish and chic boutique riad with great staff and very nice interiors. Excellent location, very private and a modern twist on the riad experience.

Riad Idra, rooms starting from 175 Euros/night

Palais Selman - this beautiful palace is located 10 minutes outside the medina, a very posh and grown up resort with stylish pools, a great spa, nice restaurants and an amazing stable of pure bread Arabian horses that room the grounds. 

Selman, rooms starting from 350 Euros/night at Selman

Riad Nashira - Italian operated hotel with a great restaurant. Stylish and modern hotel in a newly built building with 25 rooms, swimming pool and a spa.

Riad Nashira, rooms starting from 200 Euros/night

Peacock Pavilions - super stylish and tribal chic boutique hotel located in an olive grove some 20 minutes outside the medina. This place is like stepping into a magical fairytale world and well known all over the globe for it's style and charm. The hotel is curated by the owner Maryam Montague, who is an aclaimed designer, author, stylist and social media guru. Many retreats and celebrities favor Peacock Pavilions.

Peacock Pavilions - the house of magic

The pool of Peacock Pavilions, rooms from 200 Euros/night

Four Seasons - where ever you go there is a Four Seasons, also here in Marrakech. This is a nice and family friendly resort that we recommend for families with children. You can also go for a relaxed lunch by the pool or dressed up dinner in one of the restaurants.

Four Seasons, rooms starting from 350 Euros/night

Have you booked your next trip to Marrakech yet?

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