Thursday, 3 September 2015

Riad Arabe - our latest projects

When you own a riad in the ancient medina of Marrakech there is always something to do. It is more or less a full time job to manage all projects going on and we have a quite small riad as well as good people employed to help us. In this previous blogpost we showed you the projects we did in the beginning of the year and now it's time for an update about what has been going on in our house since then. 

We love our tent lounge on the roof terrace and now it is decorated with new silver trey tables, a gorgeous kilim carpet from Essaouira and super chic art cushions from Sissi Maroc. Votive candles from Iittala.

The major project latley was the re-tiling of our stair cases and one of the salons. Our house was a dusty mess for about three weeks as six persons hammared away to remove the old floors and put in the new tiles. We had all tiles special made in Fes, well know for its high quality tiles.

The old floor was removed by hacking it away piece by piece. A time consuming and dusty process.

Work in progress

Before - After picture

Our upper salon with the new floor - we sure love it!

We had a new desk special made for our bedroom so now we have a small office space here.

Dreamy bedroom styling: antique moroccan wedding blanket and matching cushions. Beddings from Zara Home's hotel collection.

Our turtoises Vincent and Valerie got a new house, made by our carpenter Aziz.

And they got a swimming pool as well.

Allthough we already have bought about 35 lamps we couldn't resist this black painted brass lamp that is huge and hangs in our entrance hall.

Some new art, black and white photos with details in silver.

We found both of these photos at the 33 Majorell shop

Would you like to play Kalaha..... (Antique crocodile Kalaha game)

....or Yatzy? (Tray of ceder wood, lemon wood and oak)

We had new covers and cushions custom made for all our outdoor furniture. 

Comfortable both on the roof terrace.... well as in the courtyard.

Mirror, mirror on the wall - new mirror in the outdoor B'hou lounge. Beautiful cushion with magical eyes from the M Montague Souk.

We had this HUGE mirror special made for the gold lounge. It creates the illusion of space and ongoing arches

These big leather tassels are a cool modern take on the traditional textile ditos.

Finally our amazing housekeeper Rachhida got three new working outfits. This is one of them.

So we keep busy with the riad. We have had a hectic and fun week working on Project Soar, studying Arabic with our private tutor as well as online with the university in Sweden. 

This fall we are studying to learn (basic) Arabic!

Next week we are going to beautiful Famara on the Canary Island Lanzarote to visit our friends Annelie and Stefan. We will hang out in their super stylish surf crib Beach Side Villa for a week.

Surf's Up!