Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Local Designers - fashion overload

Fashion and Marrakech, closly linked since the early days of the city when the skilled textile craftsmen created beautiful traditional clothing with unique patterns and designs. Forever imortalised as iconic via the obsession of Yves Saint Laurent. Almost every international designer has come to the Red City for inspiration and the photographers flock here for fashion shoots. Today young and urban design thrive and we find a lot of interesting new takes on the traditions.

We have previously dedicated a blogpost to "Fashion and Marrakech" (our most popular post so far!). And since we have worked a lot in the fashion industry and love fashion we can't help but doing one more. Today we would like to introduce you to some contemporary and good designers you find in the Marrakech medina. The design and quality of the garments are mostly excellent but the stores themselves are however often quite uninspiring compared to western standards. Store concepts and visual merchandising are not where the energy is put clearly. However there are a few exceptions like the cool small boutiques in Souk Cherifia.

Artc is an avantgardist Moroccan designbrand with high creativity and a very modern take on the Moroccan design traditions. The designer Artsi Ifrach frequently shows his collections at Paris fashion week. Most pieces are unisex and you can find some really cool stuff and unique pieces here. The store in Marrakech is located in Souk Cherifia.
Avantgardist Artc

The very cool designer himself outside his flagship shop in Marrakech

Interesting details on this coat
Scary shoes

"Habibi" means "darling" in Arabic

Norya Ayron
Norya Ayron is a super stylish Algerian born designer with internaitonal reputation. She is based in Marrakech and has her little boutique upstairs in the Le Jardin restaurant. She designs amazing bohemian chic dresses and very nice handbags at reasonable price points. Stylish, modern and chic.

Norya Ayron

Part of the silk dress collection fall 2015

Stylish one of a kind dresses...

...and handbags with a twist.

Max & Jan
Max & Jan is a Moroccan brand with a Belgien designer and they have a tribal touch to everything they do, we just love their stuff. They have several shops in Marrakech and Agadir. They have cool, contemporary and tribal chic fashion for both men and women. 

Cool street art on the wall outside the brand new Max & Jan store in the medina

You will find some really cool bags at Max & Jan

Fall collection 

Tribal chic jewlery

Chez Bel Haj
Bel Haj designs Moroccan haute couture and shows amazing attention to details and qualities.

This fine establishment is located in Dar Bacha

Beautiful details and stichings in these Bel Haj shirts

Maison du Caftan
So, we need to tell you about caftans. Caftans is a huge fashion industry in the Arabic world. You can find very well tailored caftans with nice details and excellent quality for 30-100 Euros depending on material, style and level of details. Then there is the haute couture caftan scene where prices start from a couple of thousands Euros and go up to tens of thousands of Euros. The big caftan fashion show in Marrakech attract rich caftan seeking women from around the world who fly in (often in private jets) to stock up on one of a kind caftans for the next season.

This is a haute couture caftan from the fall 2015 collection, price 14.000 Euros

Maison du Caftan is a very good place to go if you are in the market for good quality caftans. You will find a very nice selection in more moderate price ranges.

It's caftan time baby!

Some examples of traditional caftans with a twist

Topolina is a Marrakech brand with a talented young designer who has collections for both men and women. His two shops are in Dar Bacha in Marrakech. Dar Bacha is a very good area/street if you look for fashion (or good antiquities). Topolina is very colourful, crazy and fun. We love this brand!

Topolina, also in Dar Bacha

Funky shoes

The fall look according to Topolina, always match your scarf and helmet!

Marrakshi Life
Marrakshi Life works in gorgeous natural materials and pays a lot of attention to details, many pieces are classical design with a modern twist on fittings and cuttings. Everything is made by hand around the corner of the shop. The designs are focused on everyday basics.

Marrakshi Life is located on the second floor in Souk Cherifia in the medina

Handwoven cotton garments

Your everyday basics

Enfin means "finally" in French and is a brand we just discovered. Also here everything is made by hand and all materials are natural. The design is modern and pays a lot of attention to details. This is the Moroccan version of Swedish super fashion brand Acne (that we adore) so needless to say we get a lot of stuff from here. They might need a new logo though...

Enfin - Moroccan version of Acne?

Beautiful purple cashmere sweater with amazing stiching

It's all about white. But with a hat.

A one piece only custom fitted brown suede shirt with lot's of hand stiching from Enfin for approx 100 Euros

Morocco - where 1000 years of history and culture blends with modern design and contemporary life

And remember, Fashion never sleeps!