Sunday, 17 January 2016

One Year Anniversary In Marrakech!

Can you believe it? Today is exactly one year ago since we boarded that flight from Stockholm that took us to our year long adventure in the Red City. At the time we honestly thought this was just for one year but so much has happend since then and now we have made Marrakech our home with brand new jobs and so many new friends.

This year has truly been amazing and we have done so many great things we felt it was time to sum up our first year in Morocco and give you our best-of-list. So here we go, our insiders top-list based on our first year in Marrakech:

Our Morocco Top-15-List

1) Best Restuarant:
- Palais Lamrani/La Table du Palais (For lunch)
- I Limoni (For dinner, our next door Italian place)
- Umia in Essaouira (Outside Marrakech, it's run by a star chef from Lyon)
2) Best Bar:
- Maison MK:s roof top bar (try their Espresso Martini!)
3) Best Afternoon Tea:
- Royal Mansour (gorgeous whatever you eat or drink at this palace)

4) Best Bakery:
- Amandine (the most beautiful cakes in town)

5) Best Hotel:
- La Sultana (palatial hotel, brilliant food, great staff and beautiful spa)

6) Venue of the year:
- Es Saadi Palace (this is our second home where we go to the gym, the pool, do some work, attend auctions as well as parties and also get involved in the occasional film production)

7) Best Tourist Attraction in Marrakech:
- El Badi (gorgeous ruin that also features great photo exhibitions)

8) Best Trip:
- Our 4 day trip to the luxury camp ERG Chigaga in  the Sahara, where we gazed at stars
9) Best Moroccan City (Marrakech excluded):
- Tangier (We just love this decadent and cool coastal city)
- Chefchaouen (This blue city is so beautiful)

10) Business of the year:
- Red City PR (our new communications agency)

11) Charity of the year:
- Project Soar (empowering Moroccan girls)

12) Best Shop:
- Max&Jan (boho chic designer with amazing fashion pieces)

13) Artist of the year:
- Hindi Zahra (cool Moroccan singer/songwriter that sings in English)

14) Best Movie:
- Rock the Kasbah (because we got to hang out with Bill Murray at the after party during the Marrakech Film Festival)

15) Party of the year:
- All the beautiful and amazing parties at super cool Peacock Pavilions ranging from crazy birthday bashes via elegant cocktail parties and documentary club evenings to warm and generous Thanksgiving dinners.

So we sum up an exciting first year in Morocco and look forward to an equally fun and adventurous year to come.

Come Visit Morocco, it truly is magical!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Sweden Revisited

After spending Christmas in Marrakech we went back to Sweden for a week to celebrate New Year, check on our houses in Stockholm and to meet up with friends. During our first day in Stockholm the temperature dropped to -8C and the snow started falling. Quite a contrast to Morocco. 

The "old town" in Stockholm

When arriving we checked in once again to very stylish and chic Miss Clara Hotel, we stayed here for more than a month before leaving for Marrakech so it really feels like a second home. We had dinner with friends in the lobby restaurant, ordered room service and watched movies.
Our usual suite at Miss Clara Hotel in Stockholm

We had some practical things to take care of in our townhouse in the city since we were changing tenants. The Washington couple, who lived there for the past year, moved out mid December and a London couple is moving in mid January to rent it for 2016. After making sure everything was ready for the new tenants we moved on to celebrating New Year with our friends Anna and Andreas and our god-daugthers Saga and Stella,.

Our townhouse is actually an old horse stable that we converted i to a house in 2006. The location is great and we have our own garden in the middle of the city.

Interior from the house (we had removed almost all furniture here)

Our beautiful god-daugthers Stella and Saga (with some tribal jewlery from Morocco)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (With a stand in for Disco, who stayed behind in Marrakech)

After a couple of days in the city it was time to head out to our weekend house on the island Runmarö for the first time in a year. We were excited to get back to our beloved island and the winter weather was beautiful.

First a 45 minute drive from the city and then a 5 minute boat ride to the island.

Beachwalk on Runmarö

Our part of the island, called Söderby

The jetty

Winter wonderland

Our very small but charming cottage (main house left and guest house + summer kitchen right)

The cottage at night

Our cosy living room

Bedroom New England style (all beddings by Lexington)

Kitchen/dining room (note the Moroccan plate and tangine)

After three beautiful days with long walks, board games and good food it was time to head back to the city...

...and meet up with Jörgen and Annelie for a dinner at a new restaurant

It was a great week in Stockholm and we loved to meet our friends, family and see our houses. But one week is quite enough of darkness, cold and snow so we were happy to head back to our home in sunny Marrakech. We were greeted by sun, +23c and amazing light. Now we are looking forward to some really exciting projects for our communications agency Red City PR as we are starting to work with several new clients in January.

Nice to be back home!

We hope you had a great start of 2016!