Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A typical day at Riad Arabe

A lot of people have asked us; so what is a typical day like for you now that you are living in Marrakech? The lives we lead here in Morocco is certainly a lot different from our busy corporate business lifestyles we had back in Stockholm. So we thought we would try to describe one of those ordinary days at Riad Arabe, our home in the Red City.

A typical sunset in the Red City

7.00-7.30 am
If we haven't already been woken up by the morning prayer calls from the nearby mosques we normally wake up at around 7 o'clock and begin the day with doing some social media post uploads for Red City PR as well as in our own channels. Then we get up and take our dog Disco for his usual morning walk around the medina where he always finds something new and interesting to smell or bark at.

Rachida works full-time to take care of everything at Riad Arabe, from preparing breakfast to paying the electric bills. She's a gem!

8.00 am
Our housekeeper Rachida usually arrrives to the Riad at 8.00 and immediately starts to prepare our breakfast. On the weekdays she makes omelette with orange juice and coffee and serves that with greek youghurt. On the weekends she's also serving us moroccan bread and french pancakes. While she is preparing the breakfast in the kitchen we let the two turtoises, Vincent and Valerie, out of their cage and feed them 3-4 lettuce leaves that they eat up as soon as they have warmed up by the morning sun.

Our mischevious pets Valerie & Vincent

8.30 am
We eat our breakfast on our roof terrace that has views of the Koutoubia mosque and the medina roof tops. Disco is always trying to look cute so he will get a piece of our omelettes or some cheese which always fails until Rachida comes along to clear the table and throw him some leftovers.

Disco is trying to do some cute tricks to get some of our leftovers 

9.00 am
After breakfast we take a walk to our gym at the hotel Palais Es Saadi that is located in Hivernage, a 20 minute brisk walk through the medina from our house. We walk pass the souk and watch all the shop owners prepare their businesses for yet another busy day.

A walk in the magical mystical medina of Marrakech is always an adventure

9.30 am
We arrive at the gym and if our personal trainer Youssef is there we usually do some cardio but if our other personal trainer Abdo is working we do some muscle workout. Normally the gym is quite emply but now and again we run in to different celebrities who happens to stay at the hotel.

A hard work-out with our personal trainer Abdo

11.00 am
After the work-out we take a taxi to our french or arabic class in the new town, Gueliz, where we have 90 minutes of language training. Usually we haven't been good students with our homework so we have to repeat alot.

We are trying to be good students

1.00 pm
After the class we take a walk to the centre of the new town, Gueliz, where we do our errands at the shops, post-office and grocery store before we find a good lunch restaurant. Quite often we end up at Café de la Grand Poste or The Loft where we usually have a chicken salad.

Grand Café de la Poste in Gueliz is a favourite lunch restautant

2.00-2.30 pm
We come back to Riad Arabe where we have a coffee on the roof terrace. Now we have our normal office hours when we do most of our practical work for the companies we work for, mainly Red City PR. We prepare business plans, communications strategies, co-ordinate designs of new logos and photo shoots. Simultanously we are trying to befriend our roof cat we started to call Kim (since we don't know it it's a boy or a girl) and that we started to buy cat food for. Kim seemes really pleased with this set-up and comes back everyday in the afternoons to check his bowl.

This is Kim, our new pet and roof cat. If he is lucky he sometimes gets some milk with his food.

6.30-7.00 pm
The sun start to set and we enjoy another magical colourful sunset accompanied with the calls for prayers from the neighbouring mosques.

We have the most fantastic sunsets at our roof terrace

8.00 pm
At eight o'clock it is dinner time and if not Rachida has prepared a deliscious three-course Moroccan dinner we go out to some favourite restaurant like the Italian I Limoni or the more posh restaurant at Hotel La Sultana. We usually have friends over or we meet up at a restaurant.

Dinner at home!

11.00 pm
We get back from the dinner and get ready for bed and prepare for a new day.

Goodnight from Riad Arabe!
So, that is how a typical day could look like. But normally there are so many things going on in this city that you have to be prepared that your whole day is turn over and you end up doing something entirely different instead. Like fixing the drains for several hours when the rain is pouring down or getting a mission from Rachida to buy a new mixer or having a new client who wants a meeting at once. You just have to be prepared for anything!