Sunday, 21 February 2016

Weekend in Italy

If we have another favorite country after Morocco (and Sweden) it would certainly be Italy! You have the delicious food, the great wines, the beautiful landscapes, the excellent climate, a vast and rich history and then there are all those nice fashion brands! What's not to like? So this week has been all about Italy. First there was a visit to the picturesque village of Arpino for a couple of days and after that a visit to the eternal city of Rome. 

The beautiful hill town of Arpino is just 100 km from Rome, with just under 8000 inhabitants and was founded over 2700 years ago.
Arpino is one of the major medieval hilltop towns in the heart of Italy called the Ciociaria. It's just one hour to Rome, one hour to Naples, one hour to the beach and one hour if you want to ski. You could also go to hunt truffles in the rolling hills surrounding Arpino. This enchanting town is a well-kept secret but is a place that provides a genuine Italian town experience for its visitors.
Arpino's history goes back over 2500 years and there are landmarks everywhere in the area.
Arpino's history is long and distinguished. It was first a settlement of a local tribe, the Volscians, in 7th to 6th centuries B.C. They built an ancient gate with a pointed arch that is almost 4 meters high and this is today the only existing one left in the world. Several famous people come from Arpino and the most prominent one is the Roman Cicero whose statue is in the main square of the village.

Arpino is gorgeous in the evenings and there are several nice restaurants surrounding the town square.

After the visit to Arpino it was time to explore the historical city of Rome once more! There are ancient buildings, monuments and statues just everywhere you look. The absolute favorite building is Pantheon that was built 2000 years ago as a temple for all the gods of pagan Rome. By the way, the front of Pantheon bears the inscription of Marcus Agrippa who is said to be a native of Arpino.

Rome is probably the most ancient city in all of Europe with so many impressive buildings and monuments everywhere. 

A quick visit to the Vatican is like a leg day at the gym - so many stairs!

Apart from all seeing all the historic parts of Rome you could also do lots of great shopping. Here is Prada's spring collection that looked a lot like the logo of Red City PR (our communications firm).
A trip to Rome means a lot of pasta and pizza!
Thank you Italy for this visit, we will come back soon again!
Viva Italia!