Thursday, 17 March 2016

Update: a dachshund in Marrakech

Hi there, 
It's me Disco the dachshund again! After my previous two blog posts (check them out HERE and HERE) I thought it was time for an update, from a dogs point of view (the only one that counts really if you ask me).

So, we seem to have settled down in Marrakech permanentley now. I like it a lot. The weather is great, I get a lot of yummie food and I have a growing tribe to look after. My tribe now includes my two masters, our house keeper Rachida, our pool guy Fariji, our gardener Mohammed and a fun crowd of crazy friends that my masters hang out with. I keep busy looking after them all and our house.
I usually take long walks in the medina, laze about on the roof terrace and join my masters to restaurants and on trips around Morocco. I love to visit our friends outside town where I can run around free, but in the end of the day I am a city dog. I will share some photos to show you what my days are like here in Morocco.

And don't forget that on April 8 I turn 10 years old, I look forward to some fun celebrations and don't hold back on the gifts or treats!

Here I am relaxing at Palais Dar Donab, where go for lunch quite often.

I generally do not like cats but Kim, a cat that hangs out on our roof terrace, is the exception. He (she?) comes for breakfast every morning and is actually ok and the only cat I don't chase away.

Vincent and Valerie are our two cool turtoises, they always want my attention and since they lack ears they can't hear me bark

As if cats weren't enough here is a donkey in our alley, taking away garange after the latest renovation. I am pretty happy I am not a donkey in Marrakech, it seems tp be a hard life...

Our house keeper Rachida takes me for walks in our hoods in the medina, part of the daily routine.

Striking a pose on the roof terrace, did someone say food?

I like our trips, we always stay in nice hotels. Here we are getting ready for a new road trip.

I like fashion, this nice Burberry scarf was a gift from our new friend Lisen.

Checking out the Atlantic coast in Oualidia the other week.
Let's hit the waves!

Enjoying a treat in our court yard

Baby, all I want for christmas is you...

And here I am with my masters, they are pretty cool guys

I am told we are all going back to Sweden this summer to hang out in our summer house in the archipelago. I can't wait, I love that island! I do hope we fly business class, I don't do economy...

Over and out, woff woff!