Friday, 29 April 2016

Per's Asian trip & board assignments

We keep busy in Marrakech. Our communications firm RED CITY PR is taking off with some really fun clients (more about in a blog post soon), we are arranging TEDxMARRAKESH (secure your tickets at once HERE!), we are proud to be part of PROJECT SOAR (working to empower Moroccan girls). And we have a very busy social scedule as well, so the lazy days are over. And Per also has several board assignments back in Scandinavia so once a month or so he goes back to work with some exciting companies in Europe. 

This is the tale of a busy 12 day trip to 2 continents, 3 countries, 4 cities and 5 board meetings. Patrick stayed in Morocco and took care of the Red City PR business and our zoo of a dog, a cat and two turtoises.

Nash Tech in Vietnam
Per was thrilled to be invited with a selected group of executives by HARVEY NASH to visit their impressive high tech talent hub NASH TECH in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Nash Tech is situated in the Silicon Valley of Asia called E Town and offers cutting edge outsourcing services for business processing and programming.

Travelling in style in Qatar business class from Marrakech via Doha to Saigon

Thrilled to be part of this very informative and inspirational trip.

Per & ├ůza, CEO of Harvey Nash Nordics and an old buddy from univeristy. How fun to meet up in Vietnam after some 20 years.

This is the Nordic delegation in E Town, Saigon (Per is number 6 from the right)

We stayed at gorgeous Hotel des Arts and enjoyed this view over Saigon from the infinity pool on the roof terrace.

After 4 days in Vietnam Per flew back to Sweden to start working with his board assignments.

It was great to meet up with some friends and family during the weekend.

Board of Directors x 5
All companies are managed by a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and hers/his management team. The CEO reports to the board of directors and the Chairman of the board, who is ultimatley responsible for the company, and answers to the owners. Normally a board meets 6-8 times/year and the chairman and CEO stays in touch on a weekly basis. For Per it has been a great privillege and true pleasure to to work with so many talented people and great brands on 5 different boards. Focus is always creating value, management of the business and strategic issues.

Monday contained two board meetings, first out was deisgn agency IDENTITY WORKS , where Per is the Chairman and can enjoy this creative office space....

....followed by board meeting for leading hair & beauty company LYKO GROUP with this handsome team, where Per is also the proud chairman.

On Tuesday Per was chairing the board meeting for fashion chain LINDEX. Per is so excited to work with these brilliant women on his board of directors!

Then it was off to Helsiniki and board meeting for STOCKMANN, a retail/fashion/real estate group where Per is a board member.

Finally Thursday and the first board meeting as chairman of NORDIC MORNING, a cutting edge communication group with several strong brands and a great digital offer.

After a very intense, exciting and fun trip it is time to head back home to Marrakech, the sun and the colors. Looking forward to relax here at stunning DAR JL soon.

Work hard, play hard!