Wednesday, 25 May 2016


GLAMPING is of course a buzz word for glamorous camping. The kind of camping where you stay in luxurious tents that are carefully decorated, enjoy great food and nice wines served by friendly staff and experience nature in a truly five-star setting. The only way we would ever do nature or camping.

Scarabeo luxury camp in the stone desert, just a one hour drive from Marrakech

Last year we spent some days in the stunning ERG Chigaga luxury camp in the Sahara desert. That was a truly amazing experience with the great dunes, dramatic sun rises and sun sets and lots of activities and pampering. The Sahara desert is a very unique experience and you need some 2 days of travelling to get out there. Read about our Sahara desert adventures HERE!  

But you can enjoy "glamping" closer to Marrakech. Just a one hour drive from the red city you find Scarabeo camp, situated in a stone desert surrounded by mountains and dunes. This is by no means the real Sahara experience but never the less a very nice option for a luxury camp in a dramatic landscape. 

This is a picture from our trip to the Sahara desert last year, amazing dunes and "the real thing".  

The months June to September are too hot to spend time in the desert so we came out last minute in the end of May. The days were very hot but there was a nice breeze and the late afternoons, evenings and mornings suprisingly nice! The food was excellent and we really loved relaxing under that beautiful stary skies after dinner. Amazing.

We headed out with our friends for some fun and relaxation. We also got some Red City PR work done as well as scouting locations for a future desert photo shoots.

This was our home, a very spacious tent with comfy beds, beautiful decorations, hot showers and water flushing toilets. Camping in style, aka glamping.
Our luxury tent, very Lawrence of Arabia (or Ralph Lauren). The Scarabeo suite tents (like this one) are 50m2. There are also standard tents of 25m2. The total number of tents are 10 of which 3 are suite tents.
Good Morning Adventure!

There are several lounge areas at the camp site
Scarabeo Camp

Dramatic sceneries 

Hey Nature!

Glamping with dear friends Chris and Maryam - Cheers guys!
Beautiful light and perfect for photo shoots!
The Red City PR mobile office

The food was delicious and the table settings gorgeous

Some camp fire tales waiting to be told
There is no electricity at the camp but the staff light hundreds of candles and lamps both outside and in the tents.
A desert selfie
Practical Info:
The Scarabeo camp is located in the stone desert, a one hour drive from Marrakech. The luxury suite tents are 50m2 and cost approx 280 Euro/night including both dinner and breakfast. The camp is open mid September to mid June. To visit the real Sahara desert you need minimum five days, which includes three days of travelling (beautiful landscapes all the way make the trip fun though) and two days in the desert. ERG Chigaga luxury camp is the best one in the Sahara, a five day trip including car/driver and all meals/activities is approx 1.200 Euro per person.

The Scarabeo camp was a very nice experience and a good option if you want a unique excursion close to Marrakech. But nothing beats the real Sahara desert, we must start planning to get back there once the summer heat is over.

Keep Exploring!