Sunday, 22 May 2016

Summer in the City

The red city is heating up and as we approach end of May the temperature rises to 35-38c and the summer is now here for sure. This is the time when we move our outdoor activities down from the roof terrace to the courtyard (or patio as they are called in Riads). It is still possible to enjoy breakfast or dinner on the roof terrace but during day time it is simply too hot to be exposed to the sun. So we seek shelter in our shaded lounges, cool courtyard and swim in our pool. 

This marks the start of the season where we go to country clubs with great swimming pools outside town or visit the Atlantic coast. Daily life goes on as usual in the medina but at a slower pace. The warmest period is mid July to mid August but we have stayed many summers in Marrakech and as long as you take it a bit slow and drink a lot of water it is actually no problem at all.

Summer is here and the red ciy is heating up. Blue skies and 30-38c

The courtyards of the riads stay cool and fresh even during the summer heat (here one of our favorites, Riad Palais Lamrani)

May and June are perfect months to relax by a pool

Summer time at Dar JL

Relaxing and lounging at Dar JL

The stunning infinity pool at Dar JL Luxury Villas

Breakfast on the roof terrace is still fine, but around noon you need to hit the shade.

These guys seem to like the heat as long as they have access to shade and plenty of water.

The heat in Marrakech is dry so even when it's hot it is still ok compared to the humid heat in Asia. When the real heat wave hits Morocco in July we will leave for the cooler summer in Sweden and stay in our summer house on our island out in the Stockholm archipelago. Before that there is a lot of work to be done and tomorrow we are going on a desert trip, now that will be really hot...

Keep shining!

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