Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Donkey Sanctuary

As you all know, we do love animals! So last weekend we visited the amazing project Jarjeer Mules, a retirement home and orphonage for donkeys and mules in Morocco. This is a fantastic and important initiative that the lovely Susan Machin and her partner Charles Hantom started up a few years ago at their property just outside of Marrakech.

Susan Machin together with the donkeys
At the moment 27 donkeys and mules are living at the sanctuary after being rescued from different harsh circumstances. Some donkeys have been working hard in the medina of Marrakech for many years and others in farms in the rural parts of Morocco. When they become too old or worn out the options are limited and most of them end up being put down, but a few manage to find their way to Susan and Charles farm. It was an amazing experience to visit these lucky ones at their new home with spectacular views of the beautiful Atlas Mountains.
Lunch time at Jarjeer farm.
Jarjeer is a large property of 6 hectares set in the foothills of the High Atlas just half an hour south of Marrakech. The project is run by the couple Charles Hantom and Susan Machin who take care of these abused, old and disabled equines. They also have a team of a dozen local people who help them.
Here at Jarjeer the previously abused donkeys and mules can enjoy their last years with humans caring for them.
In June the donkey sanctuary Jarjeer will open up for visitors so you will be able to see this place for yourselves, enjoy the amazing nature and have a coffee or tea in the little shop.
Donkeys very seldom have names in Morocco but as soon as they arrive at Jarjeer Susan and Charles comes up with an appropiate name for them. Tommy, Max, Jules, Pablo, Elizabeth and Vicotria are a few of the names we saw on their collars. Susan told us it is important to give them names in order for the workes to truly bond with them.
 A brilliant day at the donkey sanctuary Jarjeer.
There are also some 12 happy dogs at Jarjeer farm.
Sometimes you just need to take a rest.
Learn more about the impressive project and important work HERE!
We enjoyed a great lunch in this beautful home. We can reveal that Charles is a fantastic cook!
If you are in Marrakech we strongly recommend a visit to the Jarjeer Mules sanctuary!
It costs around 1.000 Euros a year take care of each donkey including all the vaccinations and medical care and the Jarjeer project would like to take care of even more donkeys so please donate to this important charity HERE!
Come on, support a donkey today, it's the coolest thing you can do!


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