Monday, 20 June 2016

Barcelona Calling

We sure like our city breaks. After some really hectic weeks with lot's of work for our communications agency Red City PR and several strategy meetings for the boards where Per is the chairman it was time to leave Marrakech for a few days. This time we left for Barcelona to meet up with our brilliant friends Annelie and Stefan for some fun and sun.

We checked into uber-cool luxury Hotel W overlooking the ocean and beach. W is a large design hotel that is a destination in itself featuring several clubs, bars, restaurants and has a very hip lounge vibe. The guests are also very trendy and cool. We felt right at home and enjoyed a long weekend of cava, tapas, lounging, long walks and talks with our friends. It was great fun! 

Of course we went to several amazing restaurants. One night we went to Speak Easy that was a really nice fine-dining-with-a-twist kind of restaurant. Speak Easy is located behind the cool bar Dry Martini (also well worth a visit) and you have to enter through the kitchen to find this totally hidden gem. And yes, reservations are mandatory. 

W Barcelona is a really cool hotel where all the rooms are huge and feature truly amazing views of either the city or the ocean.
Here we are, the Fantastic Four, aka Annelie, Stefan, Per and Patrick. Best friends forever!

W attracts the really cool and hip crowd and your usual mix of models, musicans, artists and jet-set crowd. The location is brilliant and the rooms start from 400 euros/night.
One of the infinity pools at W

The DJ:s make sure the lounge music is just right and pumps up the beats towards the late afternoon.

W - the perfect place to lounge a day away
The hotel has really cool exteriors.
And an excellent beach front location.
All rooms are spacious and feature amazing ocean views.
Cava o'clock with our friends.
A day on the beach
W Barcelona also became fans of us and started following/retweeting our social media content.

Our brilliant and beautiful friends Annelie and Stefan.

Bye for now Barcelona - you were great!

The only downer was that, despite being cautious, a thief managed to steal Per's wallet right out of his bag during a walk. It was a beautiful Louis Vuitton limited edition wallet, with seven credit cards and several hundreds of Euros, that was lost to some Barcelona bad-guy (or in this case, most likley some bad-girl). So be aware when visiting Barcelona, the city has the highest rate of pick pockets in Europe. 

Now we are heading back home to safe Marrakech where (honestly) these sort of crimes very seldom occur. We look forward to see our friends soon again in a few weeks. Next time we will team up in the Stockholm archipelago, where our summer houses are on neighbouring islands.

Hasta La Vista Baby!