Friday, 3 June 2016

Project Soar - Girl Power in Morocco

As you may know we are big supporters of the non-profit organization Project Soar where we are  both board members, financial contributors and active volonteers. The work is to empower underserved Moroccan girls through sports, art and health education so every Sunday we have different activites for them. Our goal is to keep girls aged 9-14 years in school and breaking the cycle of girl marriages and preparing them to have productive and fulfilled futures.

Project Soar is a non-profit organization, registered in the U.S. and in Morocco. The organization was founded in 2012 with the goal to empower Moroccan girls.

Project Soar works one neighborhood and one girl at a time. The organization is currently working in Douar Ladaam, on the outskirts of Marrakesh, serving three villages in this area. We work closely together with the parents and the local administration and have prosperous cooperation.

The girls are getting English lessons a couple of times a week.

Every Sunday Project Soar arranges educational activities such as running classes, chess clubs, English lessons, skateboard training and lessons in public speaking etc. Excursions and summer camps are also part of the Project Soar program and a doctor is visiting Project Soar regularly to teach the girls how to take care of their health and hygiene.

In this year's annual olympics the girls competed in tug-of-war. It looks like the green team won!

The purpose of these activities is primarily to build confidence and self-esteem for the girls but also educate them in areas that are not provided by the Moroccan school system. To participate in Project Soar the girls need to have full attendance in school.

Project Soar also has a running club where the girls run a couple of times a week together.

Project Soar has become a big success in these first villages we have worked wirh so the vision now is to roll out the concept to more villages and girls in Morocco. We have therefore created “Project Soar-in-a-box” that provides content and instructions how to conduct the activities and secure the quality of the education. We are currently looking for cooperation with organizations and individuals who can help us launch Project Soar in new villages across all of Morocco.

It takes teamwork to be successful!

To be able to reach the Project Soar vision and help more Moroccan girls to stay in school funding and support is needed. Together we can make a real difference. So we would be super happy if you follow us on Facebook and Instagram but you could also donate on the web page:

You have to keep the balance in life, some work and some play!
Keep posted on the development and please join the Project Soar Nation and make the world a better place for its girls!

Girl power rocks!