Saturday, 2 July 2016

The dachshund Disco & the kitten Trassel

Our ten year old dachshund Disco sure loves Marrakech. He enjoys the warm weather, the medina walks, excursions to the lush palmeraie area and the fact that he can join us to restaurants. You can read more about his adventures HERE , HERE and HERE.

And now there is a new member of our little Marrakech tribe, the kitten Trassel. "Trassel" is the Swedish word for "trouble".

Disco and his new BFF, the kitten Trassel (picture a few days after we adopted trassel)

There are so many street cats in Marrakech. Most of them are fine since the locals take care of their street cats and feed them as well as give them water since they help keep the medina clean. However many kittens are killed by motor bikes, cars or diseases. We found Trassel in one of our neighbouring streets where she was abandond and tried to survive. We brought her food and water for a few days before we decided to adopt her and give her a safe home in our riad.

We took her to the vet to get all her shots and cleaned her up. She was approx 2 months when we took her in and she adapted very quickly to her new comfy life in the riad. Trassel is black/grey/beige with striped legs. She is so cute and very brave.

Trassel, trying to survive in the streets. This picture was taken the day before we took her in.

The first night in her new home

Trassel, a very cute kitten

She adapted quickly to the riad lifestyle

We were suprised how quickly Disco and Trassel became really good friends. From day one Disco was eager to play with her, Trassel a bit more hesitant but after a few days they were playing non-stop and since then they have been playing all day (and also nights..). It is great that Disco has a new friend that keeps him alert. 

Disco and Trassel waiting for food

Play time!

Good Morning!

This is our little pet-tribe at the Riad: Disco, Trassel, Valerie & Vincent

Trassel adapted quickly to the Riad lifestyle

They even share Disco's bed!

Trassel is hiding (in a stylish Iittala bag)

Trassel is playing with her new toy

Here she is resting in a Louis Vuitton bag

Play time again

Did someone say food?

Disco and Trassel chilling

Relaxing in the gold lounge of the Riad

Our little kitten grows quickly, now she is 4 months old

Patrick and Trassel

Per and the gang

Aren't we cute? Give us food!

In a few days Disco will join us when we go back to Sweden for the summer, while Trassel will stay and keep our houekeeper Rachida company in the Riad.

Woff & Miaou!

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