Saturday, 17 September 2016

September in Marrakech

Wow, imagine that it's been almost two years since we decided to move to Morocco and started this blog! Time flies, check out our very first blog post about fall and the unknown future in Marrakech that awaited us HERE. Now it is September and fall again. Marrakech is no longer an uncertain adventure waiting to unfold but our home and everyday reality. Still, the red city continues to surpirise us, seduce us and drawing us closer (as well as annoy us from time to time).

September in Sweden vs September in Morocco 

September in Scandinavia (our original home) marks the start of fall. The days are getting shorter, the leaves are beginning to turn red and the temperature drops. Summer is officially over and it is time to start wearing knitted sweaters and leather jackets. Here in Marrakech it is of course quite a different story. 

Green gardens recovering after the summer heat waves

September is still summer and once the August heat waves wears off and the sand storms that cloud the sky clear off it is the beginning of the best of seasons. September-December are warm and sunny with blue skies. We had a really hot summer and all September we enjoyed around 28-35C. This is the time to gear up for work, get back to the gym but also to enjoy long roof terrace lunches in the sun, weekends by the beautiful swimming pools and trips to the ocean. And to start hanging out with friends and check out the new restaurants in town. We are ready for another beautiful fall in the red city!
Blue skies, looking up from the patio at our little place, Riad Arabe

September is the perfect month to go to the beach or hang out by some of the stunning swimming pools in Marrakech. We try to find time to relax under the palm trees by our own pool or those of our friends. We also love to go to the ocean, favorite spots include Essaouira, Mirleft and Oualidia. You can read more about some ocean breaks HERE and HERE.
Beautiful dunes outside Essaouira.

We just love La Sultana in Oualidia

Swimming in the olive grove of Dar JL is always a beautiful experience.
After working out at our gym we get to relax by the stunning pool of Es Saadi.

Riad Arabe by night, going for a late swim at home

We are so excited that the most beautiful palace in the medina, Palais Riad Lamrani, have now opened up for dinners in their lush garden on Fridays and Saturdays (they continue to serve the best lunch in town Monday-Saturday).

Patron de la Mer is a new and stylish restaurant with great fish and seafood. We have been here several times and really like the food and ambience (the service needs to be more attentive though)

Amazing September sunsets
Good night from the red city!

Welcome fall, we are ready!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Rocking the Red City

 Atlas Electronic music and art festival, Sept 1-4
There is always something going on in the Red City. Our town on the edge of the Sahara desert has attracted some of the most creative and talented people for centuries and of course that makes an impact on both culture and the city itself. Every second spring there is the MARRAKECH ART BIENNALE, a great initiative by our friend Vanessa Branson. In October we are ourselves the hosts of  TEDX, in our opinion one of the most exciting days of the year. In November it´s time for the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and the celebrities flock to Marrakech. This year Marrakech stand host for both COP22 (international climate conference) as well as a big tolerence conference initiated by the King Mohammed VI. And then we have all the gallery exhibitions, art installations, local and international DJ:s flying in weekly to host parties and new events popping up all over our beloved little desert town.
The Marrakech Biennale hits town again in 2018

TEDxMarrakesh on October 8 at Es Saadi palace
The International Film Festival in November

This past weekend the international music and art festival ATLAS ELECTRONIC premiered in Marrakech. The eco lodge Villa Janna outside town was the playground for international and local music and art projects. We were thrilled that our communicatsions firm, RED CITY PR, was appointed to do the PR and host the press event for this really cool initiative that will become an annual event.
 Welcome to Atlas Electronic!
This four day event was filled with great music, cool art, great DJ:s and really nice installations. We enjoyed an amazing line-up of DJ.s and musicians and loved to work with this talented team (and dance a bit) so much!
One of the many stages was in this amfi-theatre, all dressed up in Moroccan rugs
Performance under the stars

Which direction to go first?

One of the many art installations, the artist creating live art with light and a brush - cool!

A lot of attention to details, candles are key in Morocco
The chill zone
Red City PR was very proud to do the PR for Atlas Electronic (staff bracelet with all areas access)

And we did some dancing as well, here Per is with darling friend Samira

Villa Janna eco lodge, a really nice place on the edge of the desert

And we have so many more fun events and happnings to look forward to here in Marrakech, stay tuned for updates from the Red City on the edge of the Sahara.
Have a great week and keep exploring!
PS, Trassel says Hi!