Friday, 28 October 2016

The arches of Marrakech

Arches, arches, arches, in Marrakech you find them everywhere you turn! Some are pointy and some are round, some are much decorated and some are just plain. Walking in the intricate maze that is the medina you pass so many beautiful ones. They really create that distinct characteristic Moroccan architecture and Marrakech wouldn't be Marrakech without them.

Night time in Marrakech, there is always an arch nearby!

One of the typical arches is called the Horseshoe arch that was developed in Northern Africa and Spain several hundred years ago and was influenced by the Berbers and involves a lot of symbolism and superstition. One belief is that the horseshoe arch will protect you from the evil eye and bring you good luck.

A beautiful horseshoe arch at the Ben Youssef Medersa in Marrakech.

And there are even more arches surrounding the inner arch!

Some arches are very decorative, and they can go on forever!

Like this one!

Then there are the plain ones!

But even the plain ones can go on forever!

Sometimes you see pointy ones!

Then there are the curvy ones!
 And then you have the double ones!

 Or maybe it is just this one!?

This is the classical entry gate to Marrakech, also with an arch of course!

Many homes have beautiful arch doors!

Inside the Riads you find arches everywhere!

 And the lounge areas also have arches! 

 Even the fountains have arches!

And the arches are also sometimes used in marketing campaigns!

The arches are simply great, so useful, beautiful and great to take photos of! What would Marrakech be without them?

See you soon,