Saturday, 5 November 2016

Casa Colle - our townhouse in Arpino

We have moved into Casa Colle, our townhouse in Arpino, south of Rome!

Our newly renovated Italian house, Casa Colle

You can read more about beautiful Arpino in a previous blog posts HERE and about our Italian Project HERE and HERE.

Arpino is such a charming and genuine little Italian town, perfectly located close to both Rome, Naples and the Amalfi coast. Our house, Casa Colle, is situated on the highest point with stunning views over Arpino and the mountains. Casa Colle means "house on the hill" and was built in the early 18th century

Beautiful Arpino

Casa Colle has now been carefully renovated for a long time and we are so happy to call it home and our Italian base. This ancient stone house consists of three floors, two bedrooms, two lounges, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a  terrace, a balcony and some amazing original features. We have now finished the interior design and decorating, great fun! We brought some furniture, books and art from Sweden and bought some stuff online for direct deliveries to Italy. Welcome to Casa Colle, come take a look!

Casa Colle at night

Dining area (and our favorite photo on the wall: Thalita Getty in Marrakech, photographed for Vogue 1969 by Patrick Lichfield)

Our new kitchen, just waiting for some great pasta to be made.

The ancient arch on which the stairs are built add character to the entry level.

Evening in the house 

Evening in the house II

Our bedroom

The closet we have in the master bedroom is an original feature that was restored.

The third floor lounge has amazing light and opens up to both a small balcony and a huge terrace

A little cosy office space

One of the bathrooms

Come, step into the light. View from the guest room

Amazing views from our terrace

Another original feature is this baking oven that we kept (now home for a glass art owl by Iittala)

Beautiful details

Some art in one of the hallways


The other night we had our new neighbours and friends over for cocktails. We have officially moved in!

We will spend the whole month of November here getting to know the area and occasionally working from the terrace. Now we are off to explore the Amalfi coast and Pompeii!

Ti Amo Bella Italia!