Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A Blog about the Blog

We are going "meta", this is a blog post about our blog!

It all started with us wanting to take a year off and hang out in Morocco
Wow, time sure flies when you have fun and experience new things - it is now more than two years ago since we wrote our very first blog post. It all started out as most blogs do, we wrote to keep our friends and families up to date what was going on during what was supposed to be a one year off in Marrakech. What originally was a few hundred readers soon turned into several thousends and when Marie Claire magazine featured our little blog the number of readers sky-rocked.

Early days, talking to Marie Claire Magazine about our favorite spots in Marrakech

Our blog was originally called "A Year in Marrakech" and was all about our daily life and adventures in Morocco. It was basically the tale of two dudes settling down for a while in the crazy Marrakech medina. We gave our best insiders tips on where to go, what to do, where to stay, what to eat and where to party. All of a sudden we had some 35.000 followers and our blog was considered a great guide and source of inspiration.

This is what December in Marrakech looks like! A pretty good reason to live here!

We started our communications firm Red City PR, organized a highly successful TEDx event, worked to empower Moroccan girls in our charity organization Project Soar, continued with exciting board assignments back in Scandinavia, travelled Morocco and had a great time. Daily routines and exciting adventures all made it to the blog. We created a new life in Morocco and decided to stay on and quit our jobs. We re-named our blog from "A Year in Marrakech" to "A Life in Marrakech" since the first year was long gone.

"A Year in Marrakech" turned into "A Life in Marrakech"

We were thrilled that our blog was featured in several international lifestyle magazines. We received some awards and recently chic CoCo Morocco (check her out HERE) listed us as one of the five best blogs about Morocco and Epic Morocco named us as one of the nine best Moroccan blogs.

We love the text CoCo Morocco wrote about our blog! check it out above, pretty spot on!

We have created some concepts for our blog posts like "Insiders Guide", "Italian Project" and "Ocean Breaks" as well as top-lists for relevant topics and reviews of most places in town.

Thanks Epic Morocco for your support!

Unlike most bloggers we don't accept money in exchange for features. We write about things and places that we like and also about what to avoid. We write about what is going on in our lives and about where to go, what to do, where to eat, where to stay and where to party. We try to stay true and credible and it seems to be appreciated. Our blog is considered a reliable source for information about the red city and we keep meeting so many interesting people thanks to the blog (and our Instagram accounts).

Our very first blog post from October 25 back in 2014! Check it out HERE!

We have written 104 blog posts (including this one) and YOU, our amazing readers, come mainly from US, Sweden, UK, Morocco, Russia, Germany, France, Germany and Italy.

Our Top-5 most popular blog posts since the start:

Our Top-3 most popular blogs last month:
A life less ordinary in the Red City of Marrakech

Our lives continue to evolve in new directions and the blog reflect these changes. These days we have several projects going on in Morocco and consider Marrakech our main base but we also have a new home in Italy and our previous houses in Sweden. The blog therefore continues to have a main focus on Morocco but also features content from Italy and Sweden. We moved on from "A life less ordinary in the Marrakech medina" to "A life less ordinary in the Marrakech medina, Italian countryside and the Swedish archipelago".
Our own favorite blogs about Morocco:
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We hope you want to continue to follow our blog, the adventures have just started! The tale of a life less ordinary continues.

Enjoy the ride!

Ciao from Italy! Here we are in Naples, close to our new house in Italy