Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year from Italy!

This year we celebrated Christmas in our new home in the little Italian village Arpino. The weather has been amazing with sunny days (15-18c) and chilly nights (5-8c) and we had a great time with old and new friends exploring our town.
  Arpino Christmas style

Soon it is time to say good bye to 2016 and what a year it has been! So much suffering in the world, so many conflicts and so many crazy political happenings. And at the same time on a personal level we had another amazing year filled with adventures, new experiences, friends and lots of fun projects.

Some of the highlights of this year include finding Arpino and the renovation of our little town house Casa Colle, seeing our charity organization Project Soar grow and help more girls to stay in school and closing a really great first year for our communication firm Red City PR. We are now very established in our new lives, projects and businesses in Morocco and Italy.

Beautiful Arpino

A very charming, ancient and genuine Italian town with arches...

...and narrow streets - just like in our other home town Marrakech

Our neighbours put out this little Christmas tree in our street

Back in Casa Colle for an Italian Christmas

The stunning views from our terrace never gets old

Ah, and those magical sunsets!

A Christmas lunch with some new Italian friends on the main piazza

Our Swedish frienfs Anna and Andreas came to visit us, great fun!

Beautiful Christmas tree at the palazzo of Alison and Katherine 

Walking (and running) on the hills surrounding Arpino

Relaxing in the sun with our friends

Looking forward to an exciting 2017!

We had a very nice and calm Christmas here in Arpino and soon it is time to celebrate a new and hopefully more peaceful 2017.