Sunday, 15 January 2017

Winter in Venice

After celebrating Christmas and New Year in Arpino we made a quick trip to Sweden to visit family and friends and settle some practical matters. Beginning January we were thrilled to be off to Venice for a short holiday in this magical city. 
A classic Venice view

We have been to Venice before and feel it is a city that really lives up to the hype. As long as you stay away from peak season (and the beaten tracks) it is absolutley amazing. We were thrilled to experience winter in Venice and return to our favorite hotel, five-star and super stylish, Hotel Metropole.

Back on the canals of Venice

We re-visited some of our favorite spots and discovered some new ones as well. And wow, what winter days we had! The weather was indeed a drama queen and we had mystic fog, sunny days with clear blue skies, a magical snow fall one evening (very rare and truly spectacular) and also a flooding, where the piazzas and streets were partly under water for a few hours. 4 seasons in 4 days basically.

Arriving by train from Rome we were picked up in style by the hotel in a stylish boat, great service!
We once again journeyed the canals of Venice. Here is the Bridge of Sighs.
Piazza San Marco
The beautiful Doge's Palace

Here we are, happy to be back in Venice. Love off-season!
Hotel Meteopole is a super stylish five-star hotel on the Grand Canal carefully curated and featuring some truly amazing art colllections. the hotel has a really cool vibe and a Guide Michelin star restaurant (the Met). It is a beautiful palazzo with great service and beautiful rooms/suites.
Arriving to the canal entrance of the hotel is always a nice experience.
The lobby of the stylish Hotel Meteopole.

The hotel is in a palace from the 15th century and was originally an orphanage, where Vivaldi came to play music for the children (how is that for story-telling?!).
We stayed in a beautiful Venetian suite.
The salon in our suite.
Nice greeting and presents from the management.
The Oriental Bar of Hotel Metropole is a great place for cocktails or a lunch.
Grand Canal, we went on several rides here!

Inside the Doge's Palace
One day we went to the neighbouring Murano island, famous for it's unique production of Venetian glass (and yes, we got some).
Beauty everywhere you look!

Night in Venice, always so romantic.

We got to experience both a flooding of Piazza San Marco...
...and a beautiful snow fall later that night.
Back at iconic Danieli Hotel for a stylish cocktail and a nice dinner.

Sunny lunch with a view at Hotel Monaco!

Where to stay
Hotel Metropole (super cool, kind of like Hotel Costes in Paris)
Hotel Danieli (classic, iconic)

Where to eat & drink
La Bitta (very genuine and laid back reataurant with great food in a cool area of Venice. The slogan is "No Fish")
The Met (the only Guide Michelin star restaurant in Venice, amazing)
Sunny water front lunch on the terrace of Hotel Monaco
Harry's Bar (home of the Belini cocktail, a must)
Hotel Danieli (the bar or the Terazza restaurant for great ambience and good food)
Quadri (fine dining with a twist)
Nevodi (Italian bistro with a cool vibe that attracts the locals. Excellent food)

What do do
Get off the beaten track and get lost in the back alleys!
Peggy Guggenheim Museum
Merano Island and the glass production
The Doge's Palace
Take a romantic trip along the canals in a gondola 
Luxury shopping is actaully very good in Venice
Arrive to your hotel in a stylish water taxi
What a great trip! We want to go back soon again!!

So, It's time to leave Venice anad head back home to Arpino. We hope you all had a great start on 2017, we sure did!

Keep exploring!