Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Insiders Guide - the new edition

As tourism is blooming in Morocco, more and more people want to visit Marrakech and be swept away by the Red City. Every week we get so many mails from people asking us about the best Riads, hotels, restaurants, and attractions that we recommend and what not be missed when visiting.

Beautiful Red City is visited by millions of tourists every year.

We have shared our best tips and secrets of the red city many times before (see our Insiders Guide HERE , HERE, HERE). However, there is so much going on now with several new launches and exciting openings! For instance, over 3000 five-star rooms and suites will be added to Morocco’s bed capacity with the 22 new luxury hotels opening up in 2017. This is one of the strategies to attract 20 million tourists to Morocco by 2020.

So we felt it was time to update our list of recommendations! We really love the cosmopolitan vibe here and Marrakech has really turned into one of the coolest, most exotic but still easily accessed destinations.
Where to stay in style:
-Palais Riad Lamrani (the most stunning palace/riad in the medina)
-Palais Aziza (a stylish luxury hotel and spa with excellent location and beautiful gardens)
-Es Saadi Palace (five star luxury resort and private villas in Arabian style)
-Dar JL (the most exclusive property in Marrakech is set in a huge park and available for private rentals)
-Peacock Pavilions (boho-chic boutique hotel in an olive grove outside town)

Enjoy the beauty of Dar JL
Stylish and beautiful Palais Aziza

Where to stay on a budget:
-Coq Berber (Our Italian friend owns this cool Riad that is very near our own Riad.)
-Riad Saba (A very nice Riad owned by our Swedish friends)
-Riad Linda (Our Scottish friends run this nice Riad near the big square)
-Riad Camilia (A stylish and charming Riad in the heart of the medina)
-Riad Anayela (Our German friend owns this cool Riad in the Northern medina) 
Riad Camilia has such a cool tile floor
Where to eat
-La Palace (super trendy restaurant with great food, cool bar and a trendy crowd)
-La Table du Palais (the restaurant of Palais Riad Lamrani offers Moroccan/French food with a twist)
-La Famille (vegetarian restaurant in a lush garden)
-Le Trou au Mur (this restaurant will open shortly and be the talk of the town! The menue will be "forgotten Moroccan food" and stylish comfort food in a cool setting. Foodie heaven)
-Le Jardin of the Royal Mansour (amazing food by New York star chef in the new garden of luxury hotel Royal Mansour)
- Naranj (Oriental food with a twist)

Palais Riad Lamrani and La Table du Palais
Vegetarian lunch at La Famille

Where to party
-Theatro (hottest night club in town)
-Jad Mahal (live performances, DJ:s)
-Raspoutine (new club, the Marrakech edition of this Paris concept)
-Epicurien (cool, jazzy lounge)
-So Lounge of Sofitel (always a fun place to go)

The new club Raspoutine is so cool (and so red)
Where to shop
-33 Rue Majorelle (concept store featuring young Moroccan design with a twist)
-Jewels (exclusive, world famous tribal chic jewlery)
-Hanout (stylish Moroccan inspired modern design)
-Heritage Berbere (amazing hand made perfumes, candles and difusers) 
-Artsi (uber cool designer with a unique style)
-Mustafas carpet shop
-Aya's (Caftans and babouches, in the Mellah district)
-Moushapha Blaoui (Iconic store that shouldn't be missed)

Shopping for carpets in Mustapha's store
Where to spa
-Dior Institut at Es Saadi Palace
-Dar Justo, Le Bain Bleu
-Hamam de la Rose
-Palais Aziza Spa
-Royal Mansour Spa

Dior Institut at Es Saadi Palace

Where to go outside Marrakech
-Villa Anouk in Essaouira, amazing beldi chic boutique hotel in the coastal town of Essaouira (see previous blog post HERE)
-Scarabeo Camp in the stone desert (see previous blog post HERE)
-Kasbah Tamadot in the Atlas mountains (see previous blog post HERE)

What do you think about Villa Anouk's bathroom?
Keep exploring!

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