Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Palmeraie - the Beverly Hills of Marrakech

Perhaps Marrakech is best known best for its magical medina with the souks, squares and spices, but it is also famous for its greenery with many parks and lush gardens. Many of these you can find in the Palmeraie that is called "The Green Lung of Marrakech". It is also called "The Beverly Hills of Marrakech" due to all the luxury hotels and extravagant private residences that are located here.  

The Palmeraie is 10-15 minutes’ drive from the Marrakech medina.

The Palmeraie is a real oasis on the outskirts of Marrakech known for its beautiful palm groves, unparalleled luxury resorts and countless golf courts. It covers an area of 140 km2 with hundreds of thousands of trees that according to legend was created from date seeds cast off almost a thousand years ago by Arab soldiers when the Almoravid dynasty ruled Marrakech.

The Palmeraie is home to exclusive private mansions... well as to luxurious hotel complexes, like Palais Aziza & Spa.

And the luxury villa resort Dar JL.

The Palmaraie is worth a visit just to look at all the cool gates.

The Palmeraie by night is also something special!

A larger development plan of the Palmeraie was launched in the 1920s. Then it was stated that no building could be higher than a palm tree. It was also made illegal to cut down any palm trees. That's why you sometimes can see palm trees growing up from the pavements all around this area.

This road got an extra roundabout since its forbidden to chop down the palm trees. 

And the entrance to Jnana Tamsna got some extra personality with this palm tree.

And who really needs to have a large parking space in front of the house?

The Palmeraie is a great place to stay when visiting Marrakech, chose one of the amazing resorts like Palais Aziza, Dar JL or Jnana Tamsna. You could also go to this part of town just for the day to visit the pool of some of the resorts who are open for outside guests or go to Nikki Beach who has daily packages. Here you can spend some time cooling down from the hot Marrakech sun with some refreshing drinks and perhaps a pool side lunch.


Nikki Beach is the luxury beach club you can also find in Saint Tropez and Miami.

You could also visit one of the 20 golf courses of Marrakech in the Palmeriaie.

It's of course possible to do a short excursion to the Palmeraie for a few hours by car, on a camel's back or why not on a moped or a classic sidecar?

Some take the moped to the Palmeraie...


...but why not try one of these two options? Classic sidecar vs Camel. 

And if you're lucky you get to meet a baby camel!

This is how we like to explore the Palmeraie!

Greetings from the palm grove






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