Friday, 7 April 2017

Spring in Arpino

Spring in Arpino is a powerful and colourful experience with cherry blossoms and fruit trees in full bloom. We have chosen a great time to spend a couple of weeks in our townhouse when the nature is waking up after the winter and when the temperature is mild, between 15-20 degrees during the sunny days. March and April here is like Swedish summer basically.
Arpino behind spring blossoms
The views are even prettier than usual, which is hard with the kind of views Arpino offers. The medieval village on top of the hill is just made for being photographed over and over. And we have sure posted lots of these photos over the past months.
Arpino at its greenest!
And the animals are also waking up to see the beauty of Arpino
Cherry blossom everywhere!
Another proof of spring.
We have taken so many long walks and well needed jogging tours around Arpino the last days where we've been met by so many nice village people together with the spring views.  

One day we took a long walk and had lunch at the fantastic restaurant "La Perla" that had this view.

Another day we drove to the nearby lake to have lunch at the Guide Michelin restaurant "Il Mantova Del Lago" that had this view.

View from one of our many jogging tours.

5 things to do during spring in Arpino:
1. Take long walks through the stunning landscape in full bloom
2. Enjoy an espresso in the sun on the main square (an espresso or capuccino is around 1 Euro each)
3. Visit the many sights of the region before the touristic season starts
4. The first Sunday of every month during spring it is possible to visit the enclosed nunns of the Benedectine convent (this nunnery is our closest neighbor!)
5. On Good Friday there is a huge parade going through Arpino, it is all very impressive!

View of Arpino from the hill where we live.
We have combined business with pleasure, working on some exciting Red City PR projects from our Italian home while enjoying the most beautiful of springs. Now we look forward to some friends visiting and also easter in Arpino.
Greetings from Italy
Hope the sun is shining on all of you!


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