Sunday, 23 April 2017

The streets of Marrakech

One of the favourite things to do in Marrakech is to stroll through the ancient medina and the souks that are like a maze hoping to get lost for a while before finding your way home again. Those moments of not knowing where you are feel like you are an adventorous expedition trying to find some new exotic market or some unknown artisants quarters.

It's like a fairy-tale walking through the medina.

And somehow you always seem to do just that. Even after so many years in Marrakech there's always new streets and new parts of the medina you didn't visit before and that you are amazed by. It's easy to walk around for hours and lose track of time, especially if you have your mobile phone with a good camera with you. There's so many beautiful things and street life to take photos of.

If you get lost, don't worry! Keep on walking!

If you are in Marrakech for the first time it could be a bewildering experince to walk in to the souks but key is to keep walking and look confident on where you are going (even if you're not). Otherwise it won't take long before you are attacked by boys and young men who want to show you the way to the big square. That's fine of course, as long as you want to go to the big square, and you have 10 or 20 dirham to tip them with. (Some will ask you for up to 100 dirham, but never pay that much!). And some will try to trick you into believing some streets are forbidden to walk on or that they are closed. Most often this is not true and you could just give them a friendly smile and walk on. Eventually you will always find your way out of the souks and onto a major street where you can find your way back to your hotel.

There must be a thousand different streets like this in Marrakech!

The souks are located north of the big square Jemmaa el Fna and are the largest in Morocco, famous for as the most exotic place to shop in the whole world. Marrakech is almost a thousand years old and the souks were at an early age divided into several distinct areas where one area sold shoes and another sold carpets etc. The most valuable products like jewlery were places in the centre of the souks. Today is is still like this to some degree but many areas now sell a little of everything.

The souks are simply magical!

Don't forget to photograph all the gorgeous gates and doorways!

And buy some popcorn if you feel like having a snack!

If you have been walking for too long... take a rest...

...or take a horse ride back home...

...before you see double...or triple!
We have now spent almost a month in Italy, time sure flies, and it's high time to head back to our main base, our Riad in Marrakech. We look forward to May in Morocco, catching up with all our friends, working on exciting Red City PR projects and once again walk thos magical streets of Marrakech!

Red City, here we come!








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