Saturday, 15 July 2017

Runmarö - our Swedish island hideaway

Welcome to Runmarö!
After a very busy spring with lots of projects, both in Morocco and Italy, it was time for vacation and to head back to our little house on the island Runmarö in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. Time for an ocean break in our little island paradise in Sweden and getting back to basics. We are looking forward to almost six weeks of vacation, where our summerhouse will be our main base. There are some Red City PR projects that we can work on remote and we will mix up our island life with some city breaks, friends and family. But most of all we look forward to sunny, relaxing days on this charming island.
Our house is located in an area on the island called Söderby, that used to be a fisherman's village
Söderby on Runmarö, this is where we have our jetty.
Our place consists of three small houses, some terraces and a huge garden with meadows and some forrest. It's total privacy and close to our jetty and the ocean.
We got this place some 14 years ago and really love the relaxed, laid back lifestyle on the island. Living here is total relaxation and we spend our days reading, running (we have a 12 km track), swimming and hang out with friends (ok, maybe doing some work as well, but from a deck chair). We cook and eat almost all meals outside on the terrace and enjoy wine in the sunset on the jetty.
Beautiful ocean views.

We barbeque almost everyday in the outdoor kitchen.
We actually have three kitchens: one in the main house, this summer kitchen and then our outdoor kitchen with a huge BBQ.

Lazy days with coffee and a good book
Outdoor living
Beautiful sunsets by the sea.
Runmarö is a quite big island, approx 5x5 km and it boasts a very livley little community with both all-year-around islanders, as well as those coming just for the summer season. We have a charming bakery, a well stocked grocery store and a restaurant. Fish and meat can be bought directly from the farmers on the island. There is even a theatre performing a few shows every summer and of course a number of local markets and events. 
The best way to get around the island is on one of these mopeds ("flakmoppe")
Runmarö is a very idyllic island close to Stockholm city and with a lively local community.

There are multiple daily ferries connecting Runmarö to the mainland and it takes approx one hour to commute from the island to Stockholm city center.

Lazy and (mostly) sunny days

But most exciting this summer is of course to welcome our new tribe member Cicero, a short haired dachshund, and hang out with him. More about this stylish puppy in a future blog post.

We wish all of you a sunny and relaxing summer!