Sunday, 3 September 2017

Ocean Break - Ponza

The island of Ponza is a true gem in the Italian archipelago.

When the tourists go to Capri (oh, it's a gorgeous island, read more about it HERE), the Italians go to Ponza. Like Capri, Ponza boasts amazing and dramatic nature as well as great restaurants and even beautiful sandy beaches (something that Capri is lacking). It is the perfect spot for a genuine ocean break. Ponza is the obvious choice for both the Italian jet-setters and the ordinary Italian sun-seakers. Non-Italian tourists seem to be very rare which makes the island very genuine. You come here for beautiful nature, great food and amazing private beaches.

Cicero had his bags packed and was ready to go!

Ponza is the largest island of the Pontine archipelago. The island was inhabited from Roman times and according to the legend the Ponza was named after the biblical person Pontius Pilate. 

The charming and colourful harbor of Ponza.

For us it is just a short drive of an hour from Arpino to the charming coastal town Terracina, where we can catch a speed boat that takes us to Ponza in less than an hour. So we packed our bags and two hours after leaving our house in Arpino we checked into our ocean front hotel on Ponza.

Villa Esiria - a charming hotel with the best location, overlooking the Ponza port town.

We stayed at a charming boutique hotel called Villa Esiria, located in a beautiful old villa with stunning views. Our suite had a big private terrace and even a small garden so Cicero was very pleased with his new temporary little kingdom. Most of the restaurants and all night life is located in the colourful and busy harbor area, which was a short but very steep walk from our hotel.

Cicero enjoyed the terrace immensely! 

Beautiful views from our private terrace and garden at Villa Esiria.

Ponza is famous for it's beautiful sandy beaches. 

There are some beaches centrally located in the town of Ponza but the best ones are secluded and can only be reached by boat. So rent a boat with a skilled captain and set out to find your own private bay, there are plenty to chose from! There are also some nice beach clubs available.

As evening falls the big yachts arrive to Ponza, a very popular bay for super yachts.

The locals are not easily impressed and if you don't have a reservation it doesn't matter how big your yacht is or how famous you are. During peak season reservations are crucial if you want to enjoy excellent seafood with a sea view. The food on the island is amazing, weather you go to a simple joint or fine dining establishment you will have a great Italian food experience.

"EEA" is the best restaurant on the island and boosts stunning sunset views. Make sure you book well in advance.

"Gennarino a Mare" is a charming hotel, exclusive yacht club and amazing restaurant. We came here  for both lunch and dinner.

Our little tribe enjoying another beautiful sunset from our terrace.

An absolute must when you visit Ponza is to rent your own boat and captain and go around the entire island to experience the dramatic coast lines and stunning nature, not to mention discovering caves, giant rocks and private beaches. There are also bigger boats taking groups of tourists around the island available but we strongly recommend you yo to get a private boat so you can set the pace yourself and have a more unique experience. We had a great day including several swims through natural rock arches and stunning bays as well as a lunch at a beach club on the back side of the island.

Best thing to do is to go around the island by boat. Ship Ahoy!

Beautiful nature everywhere you look!

Cicero really enjoyed the ocean and proved to be quite the skipper. 

He was a bit reluctant to dive into the salty waters though!

Chrystal blue water to go swimming, snorkeling or diving in.

Dramatic landscapes with giant rock formations.

Harbor life was very serene and beautiful.

Where to stay
- Grand Hotel Santa Domitilla (the only true luxury hotel on the island)
- Villa Ersilia (A charming boutique hotel with amazing views, get a room with private terrace)
- Gennarino a Mare (An iconic hotel located on the main beach)
- Hotel Mari (A classic hotel located in the busy harbor)

Where to eat 
- EEA (Fine dining restaurant with amazing food and views)
- Gennarino a Mare (Beautiful seaside restaurant with great seafood)
- Il Pescatore (Excellent fine dining)
- L'Aragosta (Classic restaurant with harbor front location)

What to do
- Rent a boat with a captain and go around the island for a day.
- Relax and enjoy the views.
- Find your own private beach and go swimming.
- Walk the marina at night and enjoy the buzzling nightlife.
- Have dinner and watch the sunset.

Thanks Ponza, it was just great!

Ocean breaks are simply the best!