Monday, 16 October 2017

All about Yves

Fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent

This weekend was all about Yves Saint Laurent here in Marrakech since the much anticipated opening of the new "Museé Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech" premiered and opened up it's stunning doors for a very exclusive international guest list. The museum was officially opened by Princess Lalla Salma, wife of King Mohammed VI, and then followed private pre-viewings for selected guests and VIP:s as well as several lavish parties around Marrakech in the honor of Yves Saint Laurent and his life achievements. The museum will open officially on October 19 and is an absolute must-visit. 
The stunning Yves Saint Laurent Museum is designed by very talented Karl and Olivier of Studio KO. It is just breathtaking.
Beautiful architecture throughout!
The museum is located right next to the Majorelle Garden, another major tourist attraction that was donated to the city of Marrakech by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. The opening of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech followed the previous opening of another YSL museum in Paris. Marrakech served as a great inspiration for Yves and he spent many happy times in the Red City with his long time partner in business and love Pierre Bergé. Together they renovated several beautiful properties both in Marrakech and Tangier and their love for Morocco was life long. Sadly Pierre Bergé passed away only weeks before the opening of this museum.
Grand opening with Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco (in pink) and the muses of Yves Saint Laurent: Betty Catroux, Catherine Deneuve and Marisa Berenson (all fashion icons and super models/actresses).
The new Yves Saint Laurent Museum is one of the best museums we have experienced. It is beautifully curated and features truly mind-blowing fashion and architecture. If you love fashion and history it is a must-visit.

Another local celebrity during opening weekend: Per of Red City PR
No photos can do justice to the amazing experience of visiting this museum, but below you find some examples of the iconic fashion and amazing couture featured in the YSL museum.


The Master

Catherine Deneuve 
Yves and Marisa Berenson, 1972 in his apartment in Paris.

There were several offical parties as well as private dinners and private parties held in the honor of Yves Saint Laurent the past weekend. We were thrilled to be invited to fashion legend Marisa Berensons private party themed "Back to fun" held at a beautiful palace in the medina. It was an epic Marrakech night and so much fun. Marisa rocked the dance floor.

Marisa Berensons private YSL party "Back to fun"

Marisa Berenson was the most photographed woman in the world in the 60:s and 70:s and was dubbed "the most beautiful girl in the world by Vogue" and Yves Saint Laurent called her his muse and the it-girl of the 70:s. She has starred in over 70 movies and is still, 70 years old, active as a model and entrepreneur with her own skin care line. We met Marisa through her partner Jean-Michel. They also love Marakech and live close to us so we have visited their beautiful home several times, always a fun crowd hanging out there.

Naomi, Marisa and Lenny - a dynamic trio

What to read about YSL:
-"All about Yves" (the ultimate coffee table book about the designer)
-"Letter to Yves" (letters to Yves from Pierre written after the designer died)
-"Un Passion Marocain" (private photos and handwritten notes about Yves and Pierres life in Marrakech)

What to watch about YSL:
-"Yves Saint Laurent" (feature film about the life of YSL)
-"L'Amour Fou" (documentary with Pierre Berge about his life with Yves and their love of art)

The museum opens October 19. We were so very grateful to be included in the pre-opening program.

Forever YSL!

Thank you Yves and Pierre for everything you have done for fashion and Marrakech. We are forever grateful! You made the world a more beautiful place. Amen.